Tactica Belly Band Holster


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belly band gun holster

This Belly Band Holster lets you carry and conceal comfortably when you can't - or don't want - to carry on the waistband but still want to carry on the body.

Rather wear leggings than jeans or slacks? We have you covered. Belly band holsters for concealed carry are made for when carrying with a belt is just not feasible or practical. It's also ideal for use under active wear.

The design features make this the most comfortable belly band holster that you're likely to find. Our design team enhanced the features of other belly band designs to create a more comfortable and more secure belly band holster than many competing holster makers. The position of the holster itself also makes for a more natural, intuitive draw.

The elastic belly band holster strap stretches to fit more naturally but also to hold tight. It can be positioned higher or lower on the body as desired. The strap is also padded with ventilated neoprene, which breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture.

The strap of this belly band gun holster is reinforced with a strip of spring steel. This gives adequate support to the firearm but also ensures a secure hold on the body. Once fastened, the belly band isn't going anywhere.

You fasten this belly band holster for women by threading the strap end through the strap ring, pulling until it's tight but without discomfort. Then you fasten using the hook and loop fabric. This is industrial strength hook and loop fastening fabric, tested and proven to hold through more than 4,000 cycles of undoing and re-fastening.

A custom-molded retention shell is attached to the belly band holster with our adjustable mounting hardware. Three different sizes of holster base are available, supporting more than 20 makes and models of pistol. Select the appropriate size of holster base and pistol for you. The ride position cants the barrel down, putting the pistol in a natural position for drawing and deploying effectively.

We offer 6 sizes of belly band, whether you need a belly band holster for plus size or petite sizes. Everyone needs to be able to conceal and carry, and Tactica Defense Fashion is here to help.

The Tactica Defense Fashion Belly Band Holster is made in the USA and is backed by our standard guarantee on holsters. You get a 30 Day trial period after purchase to return the holster. We also warranty the holster for life.

Dress to protect, and carry in comfort!

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