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5 Best Concealed Carry Accessories

May 14, 2020 8:30:00 AM

If you have a firearm, it is imperative to match it with the best concealed carry accessories. The ideal accessory is one that enables you to make your firearm invisible to the public regardless of how you carry it. It allows you to access your gun and use it with ease and convenience if the need arises.

You don’t want to get caught unawares during a gunfire escapade. In this post, we look into some of the vital accessories that will help you carry your concealed firearm safely and effortlessly.

A Holster: The Most Vital Of Concealed Carry Accessories

Concealed carry holster

The most important of all concealed carry accessories is to get a proper concealed carry holster. There are many on the market, but not all are fit to carry with.

There are certain things any holster must do. It has to fit the pistol properly, and hold it securely while you’re carrying. The holster must be a stable platform to draw from and reholster the pistol into. It must also be comfortable, or at least comfortable enough for you to wear it all day without too many issues.

There are a variety of holster styles and materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. You have to find the one or perhaps a rotation of a few different types that suits your needs.

It’s important to note that someone’s favorite holster may not necessarily be your favorite. No one type serves all. The secret lies in trying out different kinds of holsters before settling on one that will best serve your gun carry needs. Nevertheless, be keen on the quality, volume, ease of access, durability, and concealment.

A Gun Belt: The Concealed Carry Accessory To Get Right After Your Holster

Gun belt

A holster is only as good as the gun belt to which it is attached.

There are different kinds of gun belt styles. So, you need to try different kinds to find the best one for you. Unlike conventional belts, gun belts are sturdy—the sturdiness ensures they are strong enough to withstand the weight of the pistol for years without developing faults.

Generally, a good gun belt should be able to support the weight of your firearm and blend in with a variety of colors so that you can use it with almost any outfit.

Magazine Carrier: Another Essential Of Concealed Carry Accessories

Magazine carrier

There are two reasons to have a magazine carrier as another of your concealed carry accessories. First is in case you need to reload during an emergency, and second is in case your first magazine malfunctions.

Running out of the magazine is the worst thing that can happen to you during a shoot-out. It's always advisable to carry an extra magazine or two. Well, unless you are too confident in your shooting abilities or don’t anticipate a critical gunfire situation. But you can never be too sure that whatever is in your gun is sufficient to see you through a shoot-out.

Remember that guns are machines, and all machines have common malfunctions. Most malfunctions with a semi-automatic pistol are due to the magazine.

To avert the uncertainties, pack some extra ammo with you whenever you pack your pistol in the holster.

A good magazine carrier will ensure your spare magazine is concealed as well. Like a good holster, it should protect and retain the magazine, and should be comfortable for easy daily carry.

Concealed Carry Clothing: Concealed Carry Accessories That Help You Conceal

Concealed carry clothing

Concealed carry clothing is key to maintaining concealment. That doesn’t mean you have to only buy a certain type or brand of clothing, but it does mean you have to dress to protect, meaning that your clothing selection has to make concealing your firearm that much easier.

Be it a concealed carry jacket, sweater, or shirt; it should be a little baggy to conceal your firearm completely and ensure ease of access. Most people go for a loose untucked shirt because of the comfort and efficient access it gives you, and the concealment it offers your firearm.

Concealed Carry Purse: Concealed Carry Accessories And More

Concealed carry purse

If carrying your gun around your waist or chest area does not seem to do it for you, a concealed carry purse can be a workable solution.

There are different kinds of concealed carry bags. The ideal bag is one that has a compartment that’s specially designed to conceal the gun and allows you easy access to the weapon when the need arises. Also, consider one that has exterior pockets for storing extra magazines.

When using a gun bag or purse, ensure that the firearm is correctly oriented such that it does not turn up and down as you carry on with your duties.

The general purpose of a concealed carry accessory is to make your concealed gun utterly invisible to the public. If you are looking to carry your firearm discretely, then you should consider any of the above best concealed carry accessories.


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