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You Absolutely Should Get a Designer Concealed Carry Purse

May 19, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Designer concealed carry purses are quickly becoming a trend, especially for those looking to carry their firearms off the body. While on-body carry is a most common method for concealed carry, it may get uncomfortable in some instances, especially for the ladies whose outfits are not often cut out for concealed carry.

Stuffing a gun in a shoulder holster or belt holster means that one has to put on a particular kind of outfit to conceal the gun. Additionally, holsters can press uncomfortably against the body in some cases.

Another problem is that some concealed carry purses are just ugly. They don’t fit your style, and many are a touch too large for the typical purse.

This is where a designer concealed carry purse comes in. In this post, we check out all there is to know about the best designer concealed carry purse for you.

Choosing A Designer Concealed Carry Purse

green concealed carry purse

If you are considering carrying your firearm off the body, you might want to go for a bag that is specifically designed for concealed carry. While throwing your gun in a normal handbag may seem okay, it will affect the accessibility and safety of your firearm.

Ordinary bags do not allow for an easy reach and draw of the gun when the need arises. It is also likely that the bag will be damaged by the pistol after a few uses.

A concealed carry purse, on the other hand, offers both functionality and form. Shop around for a bag that properly fits your concealed carry gun. A concealed carry bag may look like an ordinary bag from the inside, but have massive differences to the inside that make it cut out for off the body carry.

Start With A Purse That’s Made To Be A Concealed Carry Purse

Inside a concealed carry purse

A designer concealed carry purse comes with separate compartments for the gun, the ammo, and the holster. What’s more, these purses have adjustable straps that help to keep the firearm and the concealed carry accessories in place, while at the same time giving you easy access during a shoot-out.

For safety, as you carry your purse with you, ensure the firearm is placed in a holster that covers both the guard and the trigger. You definitely do not want your gun to accidentally fire up and cause danger to those in the vicinity. Ensuring the guard and trigger are well covered will help avert such scenarios.

Most designers concealed carry purses come with side access to allow for a discrete grip of the firearm while walking. This allows you to draw the gun in just seconds with no suspicions from your attacker.

The essence of a concealed carry gun is to provide enough safety for yourself, as well as those around you. In as much as it is vital always to keep your designer concealed carry a purse with you, you never know who might fiddle around with your purse. As such, consider acquiring a bag that has a locking mechanism. This is a significant factor, especially where children are concerned.

However, it is essential to remember to unlock your purse whenever you are outdoors carrying out your daily activities, so that you are not caught off guard during a gunfire exchange.

Right-handed ladies are advised to carry their concealed carry purses on their left shoulders. Left-handed people should do vice-versa. This allows one to reach across using their dominant hand and fire quickly. A good number of bags are designed for right-handed people. However, left-handers can still find their fit in the market.

Method of Carry

Some designer concealed carry purses are designed to be draped across. This way, the bag does not easily slip off from your arms or get snatched from you. A cross-body carry bag also keeps both your hands-free to retrieve the gun as the purse becomes part of your clothing.

Find A Concealed Carry Purse That Suits You And Your Style

Concealed carry purse

The size of the bag is equally a crucial aspect to consider. A small bag calls for a smaller gun, which may not be powerful enough to carry out your assignment. Smaller bags also come with smaller compartments that make it difficult to retrieve and fire a gun. This is, however, not to say that bigger is better.

While it may be undeniable that a bigger purse will comfortably accommodate a larger and more powerful firearm, it is also heavier, therefore, bearing its weight on the purse. During a shoot-out, the first resolve might be to flee for cover, and with any extra weight, one may be forced to drop it down in order to stabilize the situation at hand first. This is a risky move in the event that you need to reach out for an accessory in the bag.

All in all, get something that fits your style while at the same time giving you adequate room to access and use your handgun. Your firearm is a great investment, and what you carry it in should be worth the while. The pointers shared in this post will help you get the best designer concealed carry bag that will ensure you safely carry off the body while still remaining fashionable.


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