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Good Types of Women's Holsters

Aug 6, 2019 11:25:15 PM

Concealed carry holsters for women are becoming increasingly popular as women become more aware of the need to protect themselves. Whether you’re taking the subway home late at night, or simply want to keep your home safe, carrying a gun will give you the confidence to embrace every activity to its fullest without worrying about threats.

Concealed Carry Women's Holsters To Consider

think about using a concealed carry holster

Luckily for women, there are now more options than ever to choose from when it comes to safely and discreetly carrying a gun. When shopping gun holsters for women, you want to make sure that your holster is not only easily accessible, but comfortable enough to actually wear on a daily basis. If your holster isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t stay locked in place, you might be tempted to skip the hassle and leave the gun at home. That’s why new innovative designs are now making gun concealment more comfortable, stylish, and safe—so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your favorite things in life.

Of course, with a variety of different holsters for women available, there are more decisions to make. How do you know which type of holster is a good fit for your lifestyle? Picking out the right type of holster can be tricky, and there is no one size fits all. Your choice will depend on your daily needs, what activities you’ll need to perform, and what your stylistic preferences are. You may need to own several different kinds of holsters to meet your complex needs.

Here we’ll go over six of the best holsters for women and their main benefits, so you can assess which type of gun holster will meet your needs. Of course, sometimes you’ll have to actually try out a holster before you can truly know if it’s your perfect fit. That’s why Tactica always offers a 30-day test drive, so every purchase is entirely risk free.

The Thigh Holster

concealed carry thigh holster

Let’s start with one of the most popular women holsters, the thigh holster. Also known as the women’s garter holster or the thigh gun holster, this type of carry is great for when you want to rock those skirts and dresses. The women’s thigh holster offers deep concealment but also a quick draw. Attached to a garter and a waistband, many women say they love the thigh holster because it makes them feel safe but also attractive. Adjustable and fairly comfortable, this holster works great for the warmer weather or social events.

The Belly Band Holster

belly band holster for concealed carry by tactica

Another one of women’s favorite concealed holsters is the belly band holster. This holster is renowned for its versatility, comfort, and safety. The belly band holster is thinner and allows you to conceal your gun high or low on your waistband without having to wear a belt. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to get down on some yoga pants! Designed for active people—hikers, bikers, and joggers—this dynamic, secure holster will allow you to stay protected while still tackling the activities you love. Tactica Defense Fashion knows that your safety is number one, so we’ve also implemented a canted mold design to give you a more natural, quicker draw. Thinner than traditional belly bands, this holster will take up less room on your midsection so you can feel less constricted and ready to take on any challenge life throws your way.

The Shoulder Holster

concealed carry shoulder holsters

Another popular option is the women’s shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters are good for handguns because they spread the weight more evenly over your body. These types of holsters work particularly well if you need to crawl around in tight spaces. This type of holster is also favored for its ability to support several different types of guns, including heavier models. This type of carry is great for the winter when you’re planning on wearing thick coats so you can be completely concealed.

IWB Holster

tactica womens iwb holster

The Women's IWB Holster is comfortable and can be concealed completely even in your favorite skinny jeans! One of the best concealed carry holsters for women, this slim holster locks into place inside your waistband, so you can keep a low profile and have deep concealment. Designed for women, the Tactica IWB holster is less bulky than the traditional holster, so you can still wear stylish clothes. Most importantly, the steel core ensures that you’ll always have a consistent draw, and the holster clips will keep everything tightly in place for the whole day.

Purse Holster

concealed carry purse holster

Don’t want to worry about what you wear? The hook and loop style purse holsters offer complete concealment while still offering a fast draw. Best for lighter, smaller guns, the purse holster will give you peace of mind without you having to sacrifice style. Tactica offers several fashionable concealed carry purses for your complex needs, including a laptop bag and backpacks, so you can be prepared in any situation.

Corset holster

corset holster for concealed carry by tactica defense fashion

Who would have thought that corsets can help you defend yourself? It turns out, the corset holster is very effective in giving you extremely quick access while providing deep concealment. Also, the corset holster has the added benefit of keeping your belly tight and showing off your curves. Similar to the belly band, the corset holster has you covered for strenuous exercise and can easily be concealed with any loose fitting shirts, or cute accessories like the concealed carry sweater, with pockets that go all the way through so you can access your gun quickly.

So, are you ready to rock the latest and greatest gun holster designs? Protection is exciting, and we’re thrilled to be pushing the status quo in defense fashion so you never have to settle, and you can always carry fashionably, comfortably, and securely.

Need more accessories for your gun holsters? Designed specifically for concealed carry, Tactica offers defense fashion that won’t get in the way of your draw, so you can be safe in style. From belts, to purses, to concealed carry pants, Tactica has what you need to do life your way.

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Born in Arizona, Paisley Saris graduated in 2019 from North Idaho College, and will continue her education at Gonzaga University in the fall. She lives in North Idaho with her Husband and two step kids. She’s a passionate advocate for the 2nd amendment, and on her off days she enjoys the outdoors and spending time at the range.


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