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If you’re on a mission to take personal protection into your own hands and you’re ready to feel secure everywhere you go, it’s time to start the exciting process of reading up on all things concealed carry. Tactica Defense Fashion knows that you have a lot of questions, and we’ve got your back. Equipping you with the tools you need to succeed on your concealed carry journey – no matter what your skill level is – this blog will allow you to explore a variety of top-notch resources so you can take that exciting next step. From fashion, to guns, to training, to community resources, you can start dressing for protection practically and sustainably wherever and whenever you want. Women are the largest growing demographic in the gun industry, and as a proud advocate of the 2nd amendment, Tactica is here to help you stay safe and confident without sacrificing comfort or fashion!

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Women's Concealed Carry

concealed carry purse

Tactica Defense Fashion’s Complete Guide to Concealed Carry for Women

Best Ways for Women to Concealed Carry When it comes to safety, the conventional methods women use to protect themselves have proven …

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woman wearing owb holster

6 Best Holster Styles for Women in 2021

Best Holster Styles For Women How can you find the best gun holsters for women? Women shooters are on the rise. They’re …

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concealed carry sweater

What Is The Best Way For A Woman To Carry A Concealed Weapon? 3 Top Choices

The Best Methods For Women’s Concealed Carry The best way for a woman to carry a concealed weapon is safely and effectively. …

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concealed carry purse

Want To Use A Concealed Carry Purse? 6 Must-Know Tips To Stay Safe And Effective

Stylish Concealed Carry Purses How To Conceal Carry In A Purse…The Right Way There’s a right way to use a concealed carry …

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concealed carry for women

How To Make Concealed Carry For Women More Comfortable

Start With Comfortable Concealed Carry Holsters For Women You Can Have It All With A Bit Of Work: Making Concealed Carry For …

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Concealed Carry Fashion

corset holster

Quick Guide To Corset Holsters

How To Choose The Best Corset Holster When looking for the best conceal carry options, the corset holster is a great tool …

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concealed carry for women

What To Wear For OWB Concealed Carry

Get Your OWB Holster Here What To Wear To Cover An OWB Holster A lot of people prefer to OWB concealed carry …

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6 best concealed carry purses

6 Best Concealed Carry Purses Compared: Picking The Right Purse For You

Which Concealed Carry Purse Should I Get? Tactica Defense Fashion Purses, Compared Looking for a concealed carry purse, but don’t know which …

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woobie blanket

What Is A Woobie Blanket?

What Is A Woobie Blanket? A woobie blanket is actually a poncho liner, issued by the US armed forces to personnel serving …

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women's concealed carry

What’s The Best Concealed Carry Purse?

What’s the best concealed carry purse? The truth is there isn’t one single best one; it’s more that there’s a best one …

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women's concealed carry

There Is No Good Gun For Women’s Concealed Carry – There’s Only A Good One For You

Shop Women’s Concealed Carry Holsters The Best Gun For Women’s Concealed Carry Is Whatever’s Best For You Gallons of ink and miles …

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revolver and pistol

Striker-Fired Vs Hammer-Fired Pistols For Women’s Concealed Carry

Comfortable, Concealable Women’s Concealed Carry Holsters If you’re looking to purchase a new gun, you’ll want to explore the pros and cons …

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revolver and handgun

5 Best Ways To Concealed Carry With A .38 Special Revolver

Table of Contents 1. IWB Holster 2. Ankle Holster 3. OWB Holster 4. Concealed Carry Purse 5. Corset Holster Women’s Concealed Carry …

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Concealing a pistol in a purse

Is .380 Good For Women’s Concealed Carry?

Concealed Carry For Women Starts With A Great Concealed Carry Holster Is .380 good for women’s concealed carry? There’s a lot of …

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gun storage

3 Safe Gun Storage Options

If you own a firearm, it’s imperative that have the best safe gun storage available to you. For many parents, the idea …

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Situational Awareness: Readying Yourself to Act and React

The following article is a retired law enforcement officer’s experience and recommendations on situational awareness. Maybe you have heard the term situational …

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sound grenade keychain alarm

Concealed Carry For Women: What To Do While Driving

Driving And Concealed Carry For Women Of course, part of concealed carry for women or for anyone else is the question of …

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concealed gun belly band holster

Training Tips For Concealed Carry With A Belly Band

Shop For Belly Band Holsters Training With A Belly Band It goes without saying, but if you’re going to carry with a …

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concealed carry red flannel shirt

If I Don’t Have A Permit, Can I Concealed Carry At Home?

Gun Holsters For Women Can I Concealed Carry If I Don’t Have A Permit Yet? A lot of people wonder if they …

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woman wearing iwb holster on back

I Am At Square One With Women’s Concealed Carry. What Should I Do?

Women’s Concealed Carry Holsters Want To Get Into Women’s Concealed Carry But Don’t Know Where To Start? Everyone has to start somewhere, …

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