Concealed Carry Backpacks

CCW Backpacks from Tactica Defense Fashion

Whether you need a light bag for daily use or a serious pack for outdoor use, Tactica Defense Fashion has a range of concealed carry backpacks that can get you equipped. Whether it's a typical backpack for carrying to the office or other daily use, or a serious tactical bag, Tactica Defense Fashion has one for you.

There's a concealed carry backpack for almost any purpose available from Tactica Defense Fashion. Casual backpacks for light use as a gym bag or any other purpose to weekend or day trips, tactical backpacks and even full-on bug out bags ready for the outdoors.

After all, the best concealed carry backpack is the one that does the job that you needed it for.

All of our backpacks have the tactical-inspired features that Tactica Defense Fashion is known for. Our standard nylon backpacks have the parachute-derived design, including the fast-release clasp closing external compartments for quick access.

Our standard nylon backpack is a small, lightweight basic backpack for most daily carry applications. You can size up if needed to our Day Trip backpack if you need a bit more storage space but want to keep a streamlined, simple design; it's perfect as a gym bag, day hike or if packing light for an overnight trip.

Our parachute backpack amps up the storage capacity and features, with a fold-over cover atop the main compartment. This bag also features the quick-release parachute clasp, a standard feature on many Tactica Defense Fashion backpacks. This pack also has accessory straps, if you wanted to attach a sleeping bag or rolled up pad or blanket.

We also have a MOLLE backpack, a sleek assault-style backpack. This light pack includes padded straps, a waistbelt and can be used with a hydration reservoir. Compression straps let you cinch the pack down or expand it for more storage, and external MOLLE webbing lets you attach accessories if desired. For weekend trips, day hikes or range sessions, this light, hard-working pack gets the job done.

But sometimes you just need more, which is what our Bug Out Bag is for. This expandable pack goes from 39 liters to 60 liters of capacity. It is compatible with a hydration reservoir, and has adjustable straps for the shoulder and waist, as well as a chest strap to get the right fit. External compartments allow you carry ancillaries outside the main compartment. This iron-tough pack, made from 600D nylon, is the go-to for serious outdoor activities or as an emergency pack.

Our concealed carry backpacks are backed by our accessory warranty, including a 10-day return period and 30-day limited warranty. Tactica Defense Fashion helps you dress for success, but can give you so much more.