Concealed Carry Jackets

Best Concealed Carry Jackets for Women

Cover garments can be functional and stylish, which you'll notice with Women's Concealed Carry Jackets by Tactica Defense Fashion. Our line of jackets is designed for use as a concealed carry garment, allowing fast access if needed. However, they're also made with function and style as well.

A good CCW jacket needs to function as a jacket, or else it's totally worthless. Ours are made to work in any season, with our heavier jackets being good for winter wear in all but the coldest climates. Waterproof and wind-resistant materials keep wind and water out.

Our concealment jacket designs also allow for easy access to a carry gun, should it be needed on the street or when you're on the training field. Short hems can be easily pulled up, and fast-action zips let you get the garment open in a hurry if needed.

If you prefer a lightweight concealed carry jacket, our Flight Jacket and Soft Shell Jacket are great options. These are light, wind- and water-resistant jackets that are perfect for fall and spring.

If you want more the best concealed carry jacket for colder weather, our Python Camo tactical jacket is made to take everything the elements can dish out and more. Wind- and water-proof with a warm fleece lining and hood, it stands up to winter conditions easily. Pair with a mid-layer to take the bitterest of cold conditions with ease.

All function perfectly as conceal and carry jackets as well as fashionable and functional jackets for daily wear, and all are backed by Tactica Defense Fashion's clothing and accessory warranty.

Layer up when you need to, and Dress To Protect!