Concealed Carry Pants

Womens Concealed Carry Pants

Concealed carry pants by Tactica Defense Fashion give you the military-inspired style but also the comfort needed for daily wear. They are as practical as they are tactical.

If trying to find concealed carry pants, women's sizes are a little hard to come up with. Most "tactical" or "ccw" style wear is often for men or is only offered in a few women's sizes. Ours are made to fit almost all body shapes and sizes.

Tactica Defense Fashion understands that every woman's shape is unique, which is why we do everything we can to make concealed carry cargo pants or other designs in the widest range of sizes available. We want to make sure you're able to dress to protect.

If you prefer a more low-key appearance, our Women's Tactical Pants are the best choice. Classic non-pattern colors, rip-stop fabric and a comfortable fit make these incredibly comfortable to wear. To look at them, you wouldn't guess there were seven total pockets for ample storage.

However, if subtle is the last thing you're after, our Camo Pants are offered in three different camo patterns to help you blend in or stand out as you wish. These tactical pants feature ten total pockets, and two knee pad pockets. Rip-stop fabric and a roomy fit make these perfect for outdoor and other active pursuits, whether you're running some 3-gun, warm season hunting or anything at all.

All concealed carry pants by Tactica Defense Fashion are backed by our warranty on clothing and accessories. You can dress around your EDC gear, or you can Dress To Protect with Tactica Defense Fashion!