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Learn more about our products, such as our concealed carry holsters for women, gun belts, concealed carry clothing, and accessories such as concealed carry purses, backpacks, bags and more!

Grow Your Customer Base

You might have noticed that far more of your customers in your gun store, or at the gun counter in your sporting goods store are women. You might have found yourself at a loss when it comes to holsters and other accessories that they need, which you may not have to offer them. By partnering with Tactica Defense Fashion, now you can. We are the fastest growing demographic among gun owners, shooters and concealed carriers.

Dealer Discounts

If you sign up for our dealer network, you'll be eligible for our dealer discounts for our retail partners. Every dealer relationship is different, of course, so we'll work out a pricing tier that makes sense for everyone involved. Call or contact us today to learn more!

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