Tactica Hook and Loop Holster


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Best Hook and Loop Holster

The Hook and Loop Holster by Tactica Defense Fashion is an innovative accessory, made to store a pistol and holster anywhere you can find an appropriate mounting surface.

It is also compatible with select bags made by Tactica Defense Fashion, allowing you to carry in a purse with more security than other designs of purse holster.

The hook and loop gun holster has high-strength hook and look fabric sewn onto the rear surface of the holster base. It's the same holster base as found on our IWB holster, with a neoprene backing layer, bound edges and a reinforcing layer of spring steel.

The holster also features a custom-molded retention shell, made for the make and model pistol you order it for. The retention shell hardware is adjustable, allowing you to dial in the retention to your satisfaction.

If carrying in your Tactica bag, we recommend that you carry the bag on your strong side. Both right- and left-handed holsters are available, but we recommend you order the holster for your dominant hand, and carry the bag on your dominant side for more proficient access.

This hook and loop holster can be used with the Tactica Defense Fashion Laptop Bag as well as other concealed carry purse designs from Tactica Defense Fashion. On equipped models, you'll find a layer of hook and loop fabric sewn into the accessory pocket with secure enclosure. The holster can be attached to the fabric, which holds it securely in place. The extra-strength hook and loop fabric also allows for a clean draw should it be necessary.

The holster also comes with three sheets of sticky-backed hook and loop fabric, allowing you to mount the holster to any surface you can apply the adhesive-backed sheet to. You can move the holster and pistol from your concealed carry purse to under a desk, nightstand, into a safe or anywhere else you prefer to mount it to.

The Hook and Loop Holster by Tactica Defense Fashion comes backed by our product guarantee, including a 30 Day trial period - during which you can return the holster for a full refund - as a lifetime warranty on the holster against any defects or damages.

Dress to protect, and carry in comfort with Tactica Defense Fashion!