Merino Wool Beanie


Merino Wool Beanie

Keep yourself warm in style with the Tactica Merino Wool Hat. This wool hat is made from luxurious merino, one of the most beloved wools for its easy, soft-wearing properties and good warmth retention. The material and design of this smart hat make it a must-have accessory for early spring, fall and winter when cold temperatures set in.

But isn't wool itchy? And thick? With a wool hat, women's hair might get seriously messed up!

Except that it's not. The wool of merino sheep is finer than that of many other types of sheep, a quality that this wool has long been prized for. As a result, it is lighter and softer than many other types of wool, but with the warmth that wool is known for. That makes this wool beanie luxuriously soft and warmer than you would think.

The rib knit of the merino wool beanie lets it fit you in a comfortable, form fitting way but without constricting. You'll notice it's made a little longer to give you some room up top. It isn't quite long enough to be a slouch hat, but gives you enough room to keep from worrying about hat hair.

We also have a merino wool scarf as well, in case you'd like to pair the hat with one.

The Tactica Merino Wool Hat comes backed by Tactica Defense Fashion's limited warranty on clothing and accessories, including a 10-day return period and a 30-day limited warranty against defects or damage from manufacturing or transit.

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