Merino Wool Beanie


Merino Wool Beanie: A Hat That Deserves You

Not every hat is created equal. You can tell by those fuzzy, pilling hats you’ve had to toss over the years. Those hats that make you feel embarrassed and shy, rather than confident and stylish. Those hats that simply don’t deserve you.

Quality Matters

You want to invest wisely and purchase a hat that’ll flatter your outfits for years to come. Many hats are made from low-quality loosely knit material that easily pills and separates, but Merino wool is known for its incredible warmth and reliability. Merino wool isn’t the cheapest material on the market for a reason: it’s more than worth it.

Between hot drinks, oversized sweaters, and warm scarves…there’s nothing like a warm merino wool beanie to top everything off. Hats frame your face beautifully, and with your ears protected by ultra-comfortable 100% Merino Wool, you’ll be feeling serene.

Get Stylish

And let’s not forget how incredibly stylish beanies are in the fall. You can play with all sorts of hairstyles and frame your face in lots of flattering ways. When paired with a matching merino wool scarf, a beanie is a favored essential as the weather grows cold.

We’d love for you to give our Merino Wool Beanie a test drive. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. If you don’t love it within the first 10 days, you’re welcome to send it back for a full refund. You’ll also be covered by a 30-day warranty, so we urge you to treat yourself to a hat worthy of buying.

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