Merino Wool Scarf


pretty merino wool scarf

One of the best accessories to have is a quality scarf, just like the Tactica Wool Scarf. A quality scarf has both form AND function, as you can dress up a smart outfit with one, but you can also use it to wrap your neck during cold weather or even your face if it gets really nasty out.

That makes a good scarf one of the best accessories to have.

With the Tactica wool scarf, women's outfits will be dressed up smartly, but what you'll notice about it is how soft and warm it is to wear. The scarf is 6 feet in length and 1 foot in width, which lets you wear it as a light scarf or fold it up for even more warmth.

This is a merino wool scarf, so you get the soft, fine fibers of merino wool. Merino is prized for being the easiest wool to wear. It's softer than cotton, but warmer. Merino wool also doesn't lose its warmth if it gets some drizzle or light snow on it.

The tight knit gives you a feel like a soft t-shirt or jersey-knit sheet, making it a pleasure to wear.

Along with this wool scarf, we also offer a merino wool hat as well, in the same color.

The Tactica Wool Scarf comes backed by our limited warranty on clothing and accessories, including a 10-day return period after purchase in case you don't like the product and wish to return it for any reason. We also warranty the product for 30 days in case of a manufacturing defect or damage that occurred in manufacturing or transit.

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