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Tactica Defense Fashion at the 2019 NRA Show

Want to know what’s at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings? Tactica Defense Fashion is! One of the fastest-growing segments in the gun owner community and concealed carry community, after all, is women! More and more of us are getting empowered to take our defense into our own hands than at any point in history. We’re at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings to show more people what we have to offer here at Tactica Defense Fashion. Concealed carry holsters for women that are actually designed to work with women’s bodies and shapes rather than just being standard holsters with a bit of pink on them. Concealed carry clothing that’s actually stylish and functional as well, letting you Dress To Protect AND carry in comfort!

Tactica Defense Fashion will have a display booth at the NRA show, so anyone in attendance can come up and see us. We’d be happy to tell you anything you might want to know about our products! If you happen to be at the show, stop by and say hi! Tactica Defense Fashion will also be in the fashion show and will be at the women’s events as well! Tactica Defense Fashion knows what women need in order to conceal and carry in comfort but without sacrificing any style. Our clothing, accessories and holsters are designed for you to dress stylishly, but also in a way that makes concealed carry easier. We’re going to show the world how to Dress To Protect at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings!

Don't forget to stop by the Tactica Booth #8495 at the NRA Show and meet the ladies behind Tactica Defense Fashion.