Tactica Poncho Liner (Woobie Blanket)


woobie blanket poncho liner by tactica

The Tactica Poncho Liner is more than just what the title suggests. This is a lightweight, highly portable but also surprisingly warm all-purpose blanket. You can use it for almost anything you could imagine you could use it for.

What is a woobie blanket, you ask? A "woobie" is the nickname of the poncho liner issued to American soldiers, which has been standard issue in the services since the Vietnam war era. The woobie quickly became a favorite of troops as it was soft and warm but also waterproof, keeping them dry and warm all over the world.

It definitely functions as a poncho liner. Tie strings on the corner and sides allow you to tie it into a poncho for added warmth when keeping the rain out. If you want to use it as intended, it will work.

You can also use it as a woobie blanket, as it makes a fantastic packable throw. It barely weighs a thing, so it can be easily put in a pack, a large bag, in a trunk, whatever you might want. It comes with a ripstop nylon stuff sack, for portability. Spread on the ground as a picnic blanket, or wrap it around you to keep warm.

Our woobie blanket measures 82-½ inches by 60 inches, large enough to wrap fully around you. It's made with a ripstop nylon shell, with polyester batting for warmth. This blanket is warmer than you'd believe given the weight, with bound edges for durability.

If you want a general-purpose blanket for use at home or out and about, the Tactica Defense Fashion woobie poncho liner is a fantastic accessory for doing so. It spreads out large enough to cover a queen size bed, but stuffs down as small as a throw pillow. If you want a throw blanket that gets put away easy, it's perfect. It works as well at the campsite as it does in the living room and elsewhere.

Our woobie blanket comes backed by Tactica Defense Fashion's limited warranty on clothing and accessories. You get a 10-day return period after purchase and a 30-day limited warranty against damage or defects in manufacturing or in transit.

Dress to protect, and then accessorize with Tactica Defense Fashion!