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Gun Holsters

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Gun Holsters for Women

Our concealed gun holsters for women are designed to carry comfortably and conceal easily, to a degree unlike any
other out there today. Our gun holsters have been designed specifically for use by women, instead of taking a
different type of holster design and merely applying a different color or pattern.

Concealed holsters that aren’ comfortable to wear won’ be worn long. The best women’ concealed
holsters are designed to carry comfortably, with soft, breathable neoprene backing layers and bound edges for
all-day carry, and ours do just that. All of Tactica’s Concealed Carry Clothing is designed to work with these hybrid holsters.

We know how hard it is to find a holster that works without wearing oversized clothes. Women’ concealed carry
holster designs by Tactica Defense Fashion have been streamlined in every area possible, reducing bulk and width to
the utmost possible degree. Our IWB base tucks easily into the waistband, concealing easily with almost any possible

Skinny jeans and form-fit tops are no issue, as we can also fit you with our belly band holsters. You get a
comfortable, secure fit with the neoprene-padded waistband strap, and our custom-molded holster shell ensures a far
more secure fit than any other belly band.

Tactica Defense Fashion can also offer you a corset holster, for a slimming effect for effortless concealment in
tight clothing.

Every Tactica Defense Fashion Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by a 30-Day Test Drive trial period.
Return your holster in that time if you aren’ happy with it. We also back your holster with a Lifetime Warranty,
covering any defect or damage.

All you need to do is choose the holster you want to carry with, then tell us what side your dominant
hand is on, which make and model pistol you will carry with, and check out!

Start your trial period today, and you too can Dress To Protect.

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