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Gun Belts

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Women’s Gun Belts

Finding a women’s gun belt can be a real hassle. Tactica Defense Fashion has dedicated the design energy to create a gun belt that can be worn with women’s jeans and pants.

The best gun belt is one that does the job you get it for, but also that you want to actually wear. Tactica Defense Fashion makes a belt to suit almost any taste. You can select classic black and brown leather in plain leather, or with an embossed finish.

These leather concealed carry gun belts for women will hold up any concealed or open carry holster holster and pistol, keeping them secured to the waistband. The belt is made with two layers of 8-10 ounce English bridle leather, a strong but supple leather that wears comfortably but is strong enough for working applications.

We also include a spring steel core for additional reinforcement. A steel core reinforced gun belt offers utmost support, preventing any unwanted holster movement. By using a layer of spring steel, it also flexes so that it also remains comfortable. This reinforcing layer also ensures the belt has a long service life.

Since a women’s gun belt must be of sound construction, the stitching is done with military-grade thread, so the layers of leather are fastened together as tightly as can be. For further measure, we also bevel, burnish and paint the edges for a uniform appearance and for easy threading through belt loops.

Chicago screws lock the belt buckle in place, and your choice of bronze, chrome or black buckle is available for this concealed carry gun belt.

Tactica Defense Fashion Gun Belts are made in the USA, and come backed by a 7-Day Test Drive trial period, during which you can return the belt if it doesn’t fit, and a limited one year warranty against any defects or damage.

Our leather gun belts will let you Dress to Protect!

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