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Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing

Concealed carry clothing has to do more than one job. It has to provide cover for the person carrying a pistol for their own protection, but it also has to function as actual clothing. It has to be comfortable enough to wear all day, but it also has to look good enough for you to want to wear it and provide access to concealed carry options for females like a women’s corset holster or belly band.

Tactica Defense Fashion is a concealed carry clothing, and holster, company which gives you both form and function. Our women’s concealed carry clothing is designed with easy concealment in mind, as well as being comfortable and stylish enough for you to wear these items every day.

You’ll notice that our concealed carry clothing for ladies has tactical design touches. Actual women work at Tactica Defense Fashion, so we know just how unpractical some clothing can be. You will notice the difference in terms of the features built into our clothing items.

Tactica Defense Fashion’s ever-expanding line of conceal and carry clothing has pieces for almost every single need you might have, including pants, sweaters, jackets and much more to come.

For outer layers, we have women’s concealed carry jackets that are perfectly suited for every season, from light windbreaking for spring and early fall to winter gear. Our jackets all have smart features and a broad range of sizes to fit almost anyone. You can keep out the elements but keep in style too.

Our women’s flight jacket is perfectly suited to spring and early fall, as a stylish but functional windbreaker. Our Soft Shell Jacket is perfect for fall weather, with a water-resistant outer shell, warm lining and hood for keeping the elements out. For all but the coldest of winters, our Tactical Jacket in Black Python Camo provides a heavy barrier against the cold without being too cumbersome to wear.

Our women’s concealed carry pants wear incredibly comfortably, with adjustable waist tabs and roomy cuts so you can move around with ease. We make our concealed carry pants for a wide range of sizes, so almost anyone can fit into them. We also make sure they have utility, with actual pockets instead of false ones. Rip-stop fabric ensures durability and years of use with ease. We also have women’s concealed carry leggings with built in holster pockets.

Our Concealed Carry Sweater may not look tactical, with a plush feel, cable-knit stitching and soft merino wool. However, the concealed carry false pockets allow for fast access to a carry gun. This will become your favorite sweater within seconds of wearing it.

Concealed carry clothing by Tactica Defense Fashion is backed by our limited warranty on clothing and accessories, including a 10-day return period and 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects or damage in transit.

Dress To Protect and in style with Tactica Defense Fashion!

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