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Belly Band Holster by Tactica Defense Fashion


  • Custom-molded shell to ensure secure retention
  • Padded neoprene backing for breathability and comfort
  • Canted shell for a natural draw
  • Patented spring steel core for reinforcement

    PATENT #9301595



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Belly Band Holster by Tactica Defense Fashion

Feel empowered in almost any outfit with the best and most comfortable belly band holster on the market. A woman should not have to sacrifice her style just because she wants to concealed carry to defend herself and her family. Which is why Tactica designed the perfect belly band that meets the challenge of providing a comfortable, safe, and concealable holster that does not add extra bulk.

Secure Concealed Carry

Our concealed carry belly band holster uses a state-of-the-art design that allows safety and comfort to coexist. A breathable neoprene backing provides comfort, while our custom-molded polymer shell perfectly safeguards your trigger. This amazing hybrid design is reinforced with a spring steel core, so you know this holster is built to last. Our products simply can’t be matched because most belly band holsters feature neoprene or elastic holster pockets. These materials don’t give you the best trigger guard protection and can be uncomfortable.

belly band holster

A Personalized Belly Band Holster

We understand that the quality of your holster makes a difference in the quality of your personal protection. We also understand one concealed carry position won’t work for everyone. Because of this, our adjustable belly band design gives you the flexibility to carry anywhere on your waist. With the ability to tighten or loosen this slim holster, you can wear it high on your torso, below your belly, or anywhere in between. This holster even works for both men and women!

If you’re concerned about making the wrong choice, don’t worry! Our Belly Band Holster is offered with a 30-day trial period and lifetime warranty. If you don’t love it in the first thirty days, you can return it, but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to!

Sizing Guide

(in inches)

Belly Size23.8-28.528.5-33.333.3-38.038.0-42.842.8-47.547.5-52.352.3-57.0
Total Holster Length in Inches (Un-Stretched)29.5033.1936.8840.6344.3148.0051.69

5 reviews for Belly Band Holster by Tactica Defense Fashion

  1. Sylvia Juncosa (verified owner)

    I’ve wasted a lot of money on bellybands that didn’t fit right. But the minute I tried on my new Tactica I thought “Wow! This is perfect!” The extra cant makes for a fast, natural draw while avoiding getting hung up on a shirt. The placement on my body provides the best concealment while still being reachable. With other belts or bands, if I wear it high it prints, but if I wear it low the belt rises along with my draw. This band eliminates those problems. Very pleased.

    • JL Tactica

      Sylvia, thank you for such a wonderful review! We are delighted to empower women like you, and it makes us extra proud to know that you are completely satisfied with our product. We look forward to continuing providing you with the best tactical clothing and accessories for your needs. Have an amazing day! 🙂

  2. bolo (verified owner)

    Laurie B. – November 2020
    I did a lot of research on different conceal carry holsters and bought one that I ended up never wearing because it was so uncomfortable. I came across the Belly Band on your website and after reading the only 1 review, I decided this would be a good purchase. Liked the fact that they made it to fit for my specific type gun and it works perfectly, fits very well, stays in place and is very comfortable!! I like the fact that you can adjust the tightness of the gun in the holster and you can wear it in the exact position that’s comfortable for yourself. You do have to find a bulky/baggy enough shirt so it doesn’t print but that’s easy to do. Thank you for making a great product.

    • JL Tactica

      Hi Laurie! Your positive review has brightened our day and brought a real smile to our face. This satisfaction is why we continue making the best products for women exercising their right to empower themselves. Thank you so much, and keep carrying in confidence!

  3. katerina_richardson@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    The band length needs to be longer. Measuring for size Small, i really needed size Large.

  4. Violet Smith (verified owner)

    This thing is terrible. The band is too thin, the seams are sharp and chafe, and, though I am an xs by measurement, this thing barely fits and wouldn’t be comfortable to wear for any length of time. The reviews made this thing sound like the end of my struggle to find something that will conceal on my frame (which it didn’t). Then there’s the $10 flat rate shipping. This came in a small shipping bag. I can ship it flat rate for $6 so I can’t imagine why it costed $10 to ship to me. Now I have to wait for a return to be tendered so that I can find something else that will actually work. I should have gone with the Crossbreed.

    • Tactica – Hunter (verified owner)

      Thank you, Violet, for this review! We are very sorry to hear that you were not pleased with our belly band holster. We have received your returned product and issued a refund for you. We understand that every body is different so our products won’t be perfect for everyone. No one should have to sacrifice comfort for safety so we hope you were able to find a product to suit your concealed carry needs and that you will consider us again for any future product needs.

  5. bethallen1963@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I have finally found a band that works for my body type. This band is substantial, but soft and non-irritating unlike some IWB I have tried. I like that I can wear it lower under looser tops, but pull it up higher when I need it closer into my body. Also, the ability to wear it higher makes it more comfortable when sitting down. This just works for me. And, I have no trouble quickly getting the right grip to draw. The belt was true to the size measurement as well.

    For those who are curious, my body is pear-shaped. I have a smallish top, wide hips and some belly. I wear a size 14/16 pant and the XL band fits me well.

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