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Clever Concealment Camo Sweater

$73.99 $49.99

  • Made of a premium blend of cotton, nylon, and merino wool
  • Ambidextrous faux draw-through pockets give you quick access to your firearm
  • Stylish camo design


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The Clever Concealment Camo Concealed Carry Sweater: Designed for Access, Comfort, and Style

A concealed carry sweater can help you safely concealed carry, but stylish options have been hard to find. Comfortable, stylish sweaters are one of the greatest delights of fall. But even in the fall, it can be difficult to conceal your firearm and always have quick access. What if your clothes get in the way of your draw?

Your clothes shouldn’t get in the way of your draw, or your concealed carry goals. That’s why we’ve designed the Clever Concealment Camo Concealed Carry Sweater. Living your life to the fullest starts with having the confidence to confront any challenge that comes your way.

The Need for Speed

Yes, this concealed carry sweater is irresistibly stylish, but it’s also so much more. Designed specifically for concealed carry, this camo sweater features two ambidextrous faux draw-through pockets that give you quick access to your firearm from a belly band or corset holster. With these secret pockets on your side, it’s undeniable how prepared you’ll feel.

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Clever Concealment Camo Sweater-665

Cozy Up

Made of cotton, nylon and merino wool this soft, concealed carry sweater will feel cozy against your skin, and the rib-knit cuffs fit snuggly for stylish, warm sleeves. A rib-knit design also tightens the bottom of the sweater to give you a more polished, fitting look. This modern camo sweater will be your new go-to fav to pair with jeans, leggings, skirts, vests…the possibilities are unlimited.

So, if you’re ready to blow your concealed carry wardrobe’s mind, this sweater is offered with a 30-day warranty and a 10-day trial period. So, your purchase is risk-free, and we’re confident that you’ll love your new sweater so much you won’t want to send it back!


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