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Taser Pulse & Taser Pulse Holster Bundle


Taser Pulse+ and Taser Pulse+ Holster Bundle includes:

  • 1 Taser Pulse+
  • 1 Taser Pulse+ IWB Holster


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The new Taser Pulse+  and Taser Pulse holster bundle from Tactica Defense Fashion lets you conceal and carry in comfort and is perfect for anyone that wants to carry a less-than-lethal option for self-defense.

If you carry a Taser, you have to be able to conceal the weapon and carry it comfortably. You also have to be able to smoothly draw and present it to the target. To do that effectively, it has to be carried in a holster.

Tactica Defense Fashion builds women’s concealed carry holsters to carry comfortably, with breathable neoprene backing and bound edges, but also to carry securely with precision-molded polymer retention shells with adjustable passive retention. This custom molded holster shell is made specifically for use with the Taser Pulse+, resulting in a perfect fit. The mouth of the holster stays open, letting the Pulse+ draw free and insert smoothly back into the holster every time.
Concealed carry was never so comfortable. The base of this IWB holster is padded with breathable neoprene, and the edges are bound with soft woven nylon. The base is also reinforced with a spring steel core, so it sits firmly against you, and in place with stability. Adjust ride height and cant to your liking, without needing tools. The passive retention of your Pulse+ holster can also be dialed in for a butter-smooth draw or tight hold.
Whether you’re carrying the Taser Pulse+ as your primary means of defense or as a non-lethal alternative to your concealed carry pistol, the Tactica Defense Fashion Taser Pulse Holster gives you the means to carry and conceal it comfortably, safely, and use it effectively. The holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Tactica Defense Fashion’s holster warranty, including a 30 Day return period and lifetime warranty against any defects or damage. Dress To Protect, and carry in comfort!


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