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Tactica Corset Holster - Concealed Carry Corset


  • Ambidextrous holster pockets
  • Polymer trigger guard protection
  • Adjustable retention straps




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Corset Holster: Slimming Concealed Carry

Look no further for the perfect corset holster – Tactica offers you a perfect design that deeply conceals your firearm and properly protects your trigger guard, while also allowing you to dress in style. Compliment your body’s shape and step outside confidently, knowing you’re protected with a high standard of safety and quality, while also boasting the highest sense of fashion in the market.

Breaking Away From The Pack: A New Kind Of Corset Holster

Along with your comfort, your safety is our top priority at Tactica. That’s why we designed our corset with a very strong layer of TPE polymer sewn in. You can try and look for this anywhere else, but you won’t find it – Tactica is proud to announce that our corset is the only holster on the market with this feature. Our built-in polymerlined holster provides proper trigger guard protection in the corset, allowing you to feel safe and confident as you tuck your firearm into the holster.

wearing the tactica corset holster

Enjoy a Slim and Comfortable Design

The Tactica concealed carry corset holster is made of a wonderful blend of polyester, cotton, and elastane, giving you a material so comfortable that you might not even feel it as you wear it. Ambidextrous holster pockets allow you to draw your pistol with either your right or your left hand, and there’s an extra holster pocket in which you can carry a spare magazine. 

Easy Concealment and Sleek Style

A quality corset holster should allow you to dress stylishly as you conceal carry a small to medium-sized firearm. Tactica gives you these options, letting you wear it under tops that are looser but still flattering. Pair it with our concealed carry tops for the ultimate concealed carry experience.

corset holster
corset holster

Try Our Corset Holster Risk-Free

We know how it goes. Sometimes you try a product, and it’s not the perfect fit. That’s why Tactica offers a 10-day trial period and a 30-day warranty. If you don’t love your holster, we’ve got you covered.

Sizing Guide

3 reviews for Tactica Corset Holster – Concealed Carry Corset

  1. jimanddeefitzhugh (verified owner)

    I would give it a zero if I could. Your size chart is way off. I ordered the XXL do to the description on this site. When it arrived it does not even fit my husbands size 32 inch waist. Construction is good I must say, but lets get realistic with the sizing. Unless I find someone that this fits. It will be coming back.

  2. Sneuman (verified owner)

    Firstly, I bought a CC corset from a different brand and I liked the construction of this one a little better. The stitching was nice and the quality of the materialis nice, it looks like it would hold together for a long time. I also liked the rubber throughout the pockets that protect the trigger, that gives a good peace of mind. But, as far as fit, I liked the other brand better. I ordered an XSmall according to the size chart, but received a Medium. I looked at it and couldn’t imagine it fitting someone two sizes bigger than me so I tried it on. Around the hips it fit really great and around the bra strap/waist area it was very loose. If it fit my tiny hips well I don’t think it would fit someone two sizes bigger than me. Good quality product, bad sizing.

  3. Bdustin (verified owner)

    I give this product one star because it is obviously made with quality material. However, I’m disappointed with pretty much everything else.
    One, there is no detailed measurements on sizing and distinguishing between regular and petite. So I had to guess on both fronts. I ordered a regular XS (because that is what I typically wear for tops) and was completely wrong. The corset was too tall, very uncomfortable, and waaayy too small around.
    Secondly, I’ve been checking back frequently to see if you might have the petite S in stock…which never seems to happen.
    Lastly, jacking the price by FORTY dollars?? Seriously? Not impressed.
    In all, I think this is a potentially great product, but there needs to be more clarity in measurements and more reasonable/affordable pricing.

    • Tactica – Hunter

      We are so sorry to hear that our corset did not work well for you. We are working on getting all sizes back in stock but, unfortunately, do not have an estimate as to when the Petite S size will be available. We want every person who orders from us to be completely satisfied with our products and feel empowered to carry every day! If you would like to contact our Customer Service team at 208-618-4101 or via online chat on our website we will be more than happy to work with you on finding a reasonable solution to this issue.

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