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Tactica Double Pistol Bag




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Gun Bag by Tactica Defense Fashion

Sometimes you need to carry some serious gear to the range, or as part of your daily carry. We’re talking more than one pistol, and more than one magazine. It can be a pain to carry all that gear when you don’t have the proper accessories.

You should have practical and secure storage for when you need to transport multiple firearms and multiple magazines. We always want you to be properly equipped, so we’ve designed this Double Gun Bag.

Ultimate Storage

The Gun Bag by Tactica Defense Fashion allows you to carry two pistols and up to four magazines at once. So, transporting one or two pistols, spare magazines, plus a small amount of extra gear will be incredibly easy.

Our gun bag is made from durable, thick woven nylon, ensuring that it can stand up to use and abuse and will last a long time. The zipper is countersunk, making the bag water-resistant so your pistols stay dry if you’re carrying them out in the rain. The padded interior will prevent abrasion, and you’ll feel confident knowing that your trigger guard will always be protected while you’re transporting your firearms.

Convenient Carry

Two handle straps allow you to carry easily. For your convenience, there’s also an additional storage pocket on one side for ear protection, ammunition or any other small essentials you might need to carry.

We understand that sometimes you need to try out a product before you can know if it’s truly going to work for you. That’s why we offer our Gun Bag with a 10-day trial period and 30-day warranty. There’s no risk, so if you’re planning a trip to the range, go ahead and take this baby out for a test drive! We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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