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Tactical Pen

$14.99 $4.26

  • 10 Lumens Flashlight
  • Small Knife/Bottle Opener/Hex Wrench/Serrated Edge
  • 10 Hours Battery Life
  • Glass Breaker

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Impressively Lightweight Security

Imagine how you’d feel knowing that your pen is so much more than a pen. That in an instant, it can transform into an effective self-defense weapon. A tactical pen is something every woman should have as an added measure of security. If you’ve been searching for a Tactical pen that offers a dynamic range of features at an excellent price, get ready to be impressed. Discrete and lightweight, our tactical pen is perfect for carrying on the go. Life is always in flux, but no matter where your journey takes you, this multi-tool will help you tackle your daily challenges and come out on top.

Designed for Ease and Safety

At first glance, other people may think you simply have good taste in high-end pens, but when you unlock its hidden features, you’ll find a small knife, bottle opener, hex wrench, and glass breaker beneath its sleek surface. This all-in-one tactical pen also includes a convenient 10 lumen flashlight. The button to activate the flashlight is both stylish and functional; it captures ambient light, so you don’t have to feel for the button in the dark. Built to last, the barrel of this pen is machined aluminum alloy, which is incredibly strong, yet the pen is still light enough to write smoothly and easily. For added convenience, we’ve included a steel clip so you can secure it to your pant pocket or purse for easy access.

An Offer Too Good to Resist

Offered with a 10-day trial period and 30-day warranty, we encourage you to take advantage of this amazing offer right now. The ease with which you can carry and conceal this effective tool simply can’t be overlooked. See if it doesn’t give you a sense of confidence and security. If you don’t love your tactical pen within the first 10 days, you can send it back for a full refund.


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