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Tactica Personal Alarm


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The Tactica Personal Alarm is a great back-up self defense device that can add an extra layer of protection to your daily concealed carry routine. Small, lightweight, and easily attached to a keychain, the Tactica Personal Alarm will help you feel prepared as you transition through the different portions of your day.

At times, you may not be able to conceal a firearm, or you may not feel comfortable handling lethal self defense weapons. For those situations, a personal alarm is a no-hassle option that can be carried at all times in any manner without posing a safety risk. In some cases, an alarm can be enough to ward off an attacker, simply by drawing attention to the situation. 

About the size of your car keys, this personal alarm can serve you anywhere you go, doesn’t require training or the employment of a safety mechanism, and is non-lethal. Emitting 120 decibels, the Personal Alarm is louder than a siren, and will attract serious attention in any public area, without causing hearing damage. Featuring two LED light modes, this alarm can provide a steady stream of light to help you see or blind your attacker. The light can also be set to flash on and off, further attracting attention.

Powered by LR44 batteries and easily maintained, the Tactica Personal Alarm can serve as a perfect solution for when other concealed carry methods aren’t practical. Backed by our 30-day warranty, you can try out the Personal Alarm risk free by taking advantage of our 10-day trial period. Get peace of mind and start protecting yourself with our personal alarm today!


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