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Tactica Satchel - Nylon




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The Tactical Satchel is perfect for toting a small amount of gear, or if the typical purse is just not tactical or practical enough for you. This incredibly portable bag is perfect for daily carry, when you just need to tote a little more than the standard bag allows you to or when a backpack is just a little too much.

There’s a generous main compartment for carrying the stuff you want to carry, whatever that might be. There is an additional zippered compartment for smaller items that you want to keep secure.

You have your choice of green or black, whichever you want.

External pouches are found on both sides, with a low-profile hook-and-loop fastened pouch on the interior side and a flap-enclosed pocket on the exterior side. The exterior flap pouch is fastened with our spring-loaded parachute hook for secure carry but quick access. Additional accessory pouches are located on the side, one with hook and loop closure and another with a hook-and-loop fastened flap with tie downs.

Two carry handles and a shoulder strap are located on the bag, allowing you to carry it how you want. Carry it as a carry-all or purse, use the strap as a book bag, messenger bag, whatever you want. That kind of versatility and smart design are what Tactica Defense Fashion is all about.

This Tactical Satchel comes backed by our limited warranty on accessories, including a 10-day return period and a 30-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects or damage. Dress to protect, and then accessorize with Tactica Defense Fashion!


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