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Tactica Satchel - Nylon




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Tactica Satchel - Nylon-Black-230

Tactica Satchel

Taking tactical gear to the next level, this incredibly portable bag is meant for daily carry, when you just need to tote a little more than the standard bag allows. When a backpack is too bulky for your everyday needs and a purse just isn’t going to cut it, give the satchel a try!

Tactical and Practical

The main compartment is large enough to keep all the essentials secure while allowing you to carry heavier items as well. The exterior flap pouch is fastened with our spring-loaded parachute hook for secure carry but quick access. Additional accessory pouches are located on the side, allowing for easy storage for mags and other items. Two carry handles and a shoulder strap are located on the bag, allowing versatile styling. Carry it as a carry-all or purse, use the strap as a book bag, messenger bag, whatever you want!

best satchel for tactical gear carry

Love It or Return It

Want to take the satchel for a test drive to see if it really is for you? With our 10-day trial period and 30-day warranty give you peace of mind to know if you don’t like it, you can send it back! Risk free retail therapy made easy with Tactica Defense Fashion.


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