Tactica Ankle Holster


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tactica ankle holster

The Tactica Ankle Holster lets you carry a backup gun in total comfort or, if you prefer, is a deep concealment option for a primary pistol. Try it on, and we're sure that you'll find it the best you're likely to carry with. We took classic design elements of ankle rigs and improved them, adding modern materials for a more secure carry as well as far greater comfort.

The straps are made with ballistic nylon and ventilated, moisture-wicking neoprene. You'll notice that all-day carry doesn't chafe or doesn't turn your lower leg into a swamp. The edges are bound for further comfort, and the cuffs are elastic so they don't cut off circulation.

You secure this concealed carry ankle holster by closing the two cuffs, made with high-strength hook and loop fabric. The hook and loop fasteners are guaranteed to last through thousands of fastening and refastening cycles with no loss of strength, so you can expect years of wear.

Your pistol is inserted into the holster pouch at the bottom of the holster. The holster band is elastic, so it stretches and holds the pistol securely. It's also padded with TPE, a strong but flexible polymer material that keeps the pistol and trigger guard protected. Secure with the hook and loop strap, and you're ready to carry.

The pistol is carried on the inside of the ankle across from your strong hand. If right-handed, the holster is intended to be carried on the left leg. It can be ordered left-handed as well.

We also include an accessory pouch that acts as an ankle magazine holster. Carry your gun and your reload all at once.

The Tactica Ankle Holster is made to accommodate most micro and single-stack subcompact pistols. You should have no problem using it for most .380 pistols or as an M&P Shield ankle holster.

This ankle holster has two different sizes to choose from. Please consult our sizing guide to ensure you purchase the correct size. Take the measurements recommended in the sizing guide, and order your ankle holster accordingly.

The Tactica Ankle Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Tactica Defense Fashion's comprehensive product guarantee. We give you a 30-day trial period to wear the holster and return it for a refund if unsatisfied. We also warranty the holster for life, against any defects or damages.

Dress to protect, and carry in comfort!