3 Best Tops to wear with a Belly Band Holster

3 Best Tops to wear with a Belly Band Holster

Gun carriers, particularly women normally struggle to find the right outfits to wear for concealed carry, especially with a belly band holster. As such, we will be going over the 3 best tops to wear with a belly band holster.

With increased interest in gun-friendly articles of clothing, fashion houses have availed innovative designs that facilitate concealed firearms. While there isn’t clothing specifically designed for belly band holsters, there are outfits that we think will go great with this handy concealed carry.

Let’s look at the best tops to wear with a belly band holster to ensure that the holster’s outline does not show on the surface of the clothing.

A Concealed Carry Sweater

Concealed Carry Sweater

If you are looking for a great way to conceal and stay comfortable, a concealed carry sweater is one of the best tops to wear with a belly band holster. Once you put on the holster, simply wear the sweater over the concealed carry and voila! You are ready to go.

Any sweater can work, but you want to look for a sweater that has some sort of way to get quick access to the pistol. Good concealed carry sweaters can have a false pocket, allowing you to quickly get your hand on your gun and even train in the clothing you wear and gear you carry.

You may have to do some shopping to find a concealed carry sweater that’s stylish as well as functional. Thankfully, the industry is beginning to catch up in this regard, especially when it comes to women’s concealed carry.

Stylish concealed carry sweaters are available in a variety of fabrics, from nylon to cotton to even merino wool, and with a variety of stylings as well to match almost anyone’s sensibilities or needs for attire.

A Roomy Two-Piece Top

two piece concealed carry top

A two-piece top is comfortable, it can be worn all day, and provides easy access to the belly band holster.

A two-piece top is versatile as it can be worn on a date, at work or at home. Most are made with soft fibers, making them very comfortable in most climates, and are usually quite stylish depending on the top you get. Since most two-piece tops are roomy rather than form-fitting – though some are! – this makes them an ideal top for covering up a belly band holster.

This style of top can offer a unique and classy approach to conceal carry, with classy design and easy access to the belly band holster while at the same time concealing the firearm, provided you select a top that’s made for this purpose or so that it could be used for concealed carry.

You can make a lot of clothes work for concealed carry, but try to find a concealment garment that fits the purpose rather than one that can be adapted to the purpose instead.

A Concealed Carry Dress

Concealed carry dress

A concealed carry dress deeply conceals your firearm and allows you quick access, if you buy a dress that’s been designed expressly for the purpose of concealing a firearm. Many are not, so make sure you find a suitable dress for the purpose.

A normal dress would pose serious challenges when it comes to accessing a firearm from the belly band holster, this is in terms of quick access, for those who prefer to conceal carry using a belly band holster.

What you want to look for is a dress that has faux pockets in the body of the garment. The companies that make dresses that have them usually have concealed carriers in mind, as this gives the user fast access to a concealed handgun in a belly band or corset holster.

Not only that, but you get a fabulous look in a concealed carry dress. You can put this dress to any event and still achieve a classy and elegant look. It has the loose and flowy design which gives it an elegant touch.