3 Essential Attributes of Gun Holsters for Women

3 Essential Attributes of Gun Holsters for Women

Gun holsters for women have to meet certain standards to be good enough to use, just as they do for men. Unfortunately, women who carry have had to either adapt to holsters clearly not made for them or accept holsters of substandard quality in order to carry.

Finding the proper gun concealment accessories for women can be a daunting task. Women have become a force to reckon with in the self-defense industry, buying guns in large numbers, particularly those meant to be concealed. When looking for concealed carry options, women are always on the market for those that match their wardrobe, eliminating the need for oversize t-shirts and other concealment clothing.

It usually takes a while and a bit of sampling to find the holster that fits your needs. Ladies new to the world of concealed carry can find this situation confusing and bewildering. Having the correct gun holster will determine how safe and comfortable your weapon is when concealed. Understanding the important characteristics of gun holsters will spare you the trouble of choice. Read on to understand the vital traits of gun holsters for women.

Key Features Of A Women's Holster

woman drawing from owb holster

A concealment holster has three main objectives that make up its traits: Security, Access, and Comfort.

The holster is meant to hold your gun in place throughout your entire range of movement. Gun holsters for women should particularly pay attention to movement as ladies have smaller, curvier bodies that generate swift motions.

The gun holster should also feature trigger protection, which prevents the gun from going off accidentally. Find a holster that is made specifically for your gun model, as it helps retain the weapon through friction and special mechanisms that ensure the gun stays in place.

Concealment is another aspect of security. The holster should completely keep the weapon away from prying eyes, as you don’t want it landing in the wrong hands.

There is no use carrying a gun if you can't easily and swiftly access it when you need to. The best gun holsters facilitate quickdraws that enable the gun holder to respond appropriately to threats.

Gun holsters for women should hold the weapon in a fixed position so the holder can draw it consistently in stressful situations. The gun holder should be able to access the gun fast and reliably while under attack.

An often-overlooked aspect of access is reholster time. The gunslinger should be capable of reholstering with one hand while tied up with other activities.

Gun holsters for women should be designed for easy concealment and comfortable transportation. Any holster that compromises comfort will not be used for long. These holsters should also feature breathable layers and bound edges that allow you to carry your weapon the whole day.

The best-concealed holsters should be streamlined to reduce bulk and width to the degree that is comfortable for the wearer. IWB, corset, and belly band holsters are some of the most popular gun holsters for women because they cater to the wearer's comfort.

Gun holsters designed to address the female anatomy specifically are usually more comfortable than ones made by applying a different color or pattern to an existing holster design.

Gun Holsters For Women Are Just Part Of A Concealed Carry System

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Along with purchasing your concealed carry holster, you’ll also want to address everything else you’ll be wearing along with it. The gun and the holster are part of what you’ll wear, so make sure that everything else you wear works well in tandem with them.

Besides the holster and the belt, if you’ll be using one, how you’ll dress with the holster also matters. Proper concealment that’s stylish, to your liking, and comfortable is important. You should be able to find concealed carry clothing that helps you dress to protect AND dress for success!

While self-defense should fit into your lifestyle, you need to understand the adjustments that you should make when adopting a concealed carry method. You still get to maintain your style, but you may have to add an outfit or two to work in conjunction with your existing wardrobe.

While the kind of holster you buy is nearly independent of your body type, an understanding of your anatomy will help in determining the appropriate holster position. You can experiment with various holster types and different positions to find the combination that matches your body type. With proper training and practice, you can achieve perfect draws which will help in case you need to defend yourself.

But it sounds like more of a challenge than it actually is. A slightly roomy top is often all that’s needed for many women. You’ve got this!