3 Reasons to Have a Concealed Carry Corset

3 Reasons to Have a Concealed Carry Corset

Apr 21, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Concealed carry corsets are popular with female gun owners because they are both stylish and functional. Just like the actual shapewear corsets, concealed carry corsets are designed to mold to your body while keeping your firearm safe.

Corset holsters have made it possible for women to carry concealed weapons daily because they offer comfort, improve weapon concealment, and can be paired with any outfit.

Makers of concealed carry corsets have strived to improve their design continuously, so current corsets are fashionable, feminine, and classy with detailing that makes them alluring. These items have become a wardrobe staple for any woman carrying concealed weapons. This article explores three reasons to have a concealed carry corset.

Unlike the shaping corsets of olden days, these corset holsters do not compromise the wearers’ comfort. They are manufactured from elastic fabric that conforms to your body but still allows you to breathe. While flexible, these corsets hug your body enough to restrict your firearm’s movement.

While it takes a bit of practice, drawing your firearm from a corset holster is pretty straightforward. These corsets are a great way to conceal carry under any outfit, especially if you have an active schedule. Concealed carry corsets often come with an unexpected bonus; they accentuate your curves. Read on to find out the major reasons why you should own one.

Corset Holsters Are A Great Alternative When You Don’t Want to Wear a Belt

Concealed carry corset

Since corset holsters can be paired with practically anything, corset holsters are perfect for women with various wardrobe restrictions. Unlike many other holsters, you don’t require a belt to secure your weapon in place.

Concealed carry corsets are fashioned in the shape of a wide, elastic bandage that wraps around your midsection. These holsters belong in the inside-the-waistband (IWB) category of holsters and do not require a belt when worn.

Since the gun rests snuggly within the corset's fabric, you do not have to worry about printing, even when you pair the holster with a tight-fitting top. These holsters are also perfect for curvy women who would struggle with waist, ankle, and thigh holsters, as they do not impede movement or access to the weapon.

You Can Wear A Concealed Carry Corset With A Skirt

Concealed carry corset without a belt

Many women are often forced to change their wardrobes when they begin to carry concealed weapons. Printing and gun visibility are causes of huge concern for anyone that is packing a weapon. Many women will abandon their fashionable outfits for “gun friendly” ones.

With the concealed carry corset, however, you can keep your favorite fashion items while still carrying your weapon.

The corset holster is meant to be discreet, concealing your firearm within its fabric that lays hidden underneath your outfits.

Since it is designed to be worn in the midsection, the corset holster can go well with both pants and skirts. A corset holster also pairs well with dresses, so long as caution is taken to avoid printing and movement. With the corset holsters, you get an effective concealed carry method without having to compromise on your wardrobe.

A Corset Holster Is A Very Good Primary Carry Method

Concealed carry corset retention strap

Most women would prefer using the corset holster since it is both an excellent addition to the wardrobe and an impeccable method of carrying firearms. They are usually made of soft material with compression characteristics. This construction then offers the wearer superior comfort while providing a steady platform to secure their weapon.

Good corset holsters have trigger protection padding and gun pockets that allow for quickdraws. Due to their technical capabilities, concealed carry corsets can be your primary carry method, as their gun handling characteristics are unmatched. Additionally, modern corsets are not bulky, heavy, or made to fit awkwardly. You can have your gun on your person for an entire workday without worrying about exhaustion. Thus, it is natural for some gun owners to make these corsets their primary conceal and carry option, supplemented by other types of holsters.

The concealed carry corset makes running your daily tasks while carrying your gun a breeze. You can walk, run, sit, and even use the bathroom without causing unnecessary movement of your weapon.

The corset is a classy, stylish addition to your wardrobe that will pair well with any outfit.

As with any holster, you should practice drawing the gun before committing to the use of the concealed carry corset. Gear that doesn’t work should not be relied upon. Once you get used to the hang of it, you can enjoy the benefits that come with using them, and these include quicker draws, printing avoidance, and a shapely midsection.