3 Reasons to use a Purse Holster

3 Reasons to use a Purse Holster

Why would you use a purse holster? There are so many types of holster that work for daily carry, but are there any reasons you might opt for off-body carry over another, on-body, option?

Discretion is one of the most significant concerns for any gun owner. For gun-carrying women, a holster for storage allows you to transform your everyday carry into a concealed carry purse. Women love them because they integrate concealed weapons into everyday carry without compromising their style. What are the advantages of using one?

Easy Concealment

Concealing a pistol in a purse
 One of the most significant reasons to have a purse holster is for easy concealment.

As a gun owner, it is in your best interests to ensure that your weapon is safe from prying eyes. A purse holster will let you keep your gun out of sight but still on your person. Since purse holsters are made to fit in the carry compartments of everyday ladies' purses, it would be difficult for anyone to assume that they are packing a gun.

Thus, they are a superior choice for any lady who would want to defend herself from would-be attackers without bringing attention to her firearm.

Added Safety

Hook and loop holster

When you are carrying a gun in your purse, it is highly susceptible to movement. In fact, most purse incidents arise from the gun being placed loosely in the purse. A purse holster pairs perfectly with your concealed carry purse to ensure your gun stays in place…if it's made correctly.

It's a best practice to select a holster that's made for your make and model pistol, if possible. This ensures the greatest degree of retention possible while carrying.

The purse holster is also great for keeping your gun safe when not in use. Since most gun owners possess multiple firearms, holsters form protective covers for pistols when they are placed in storage. The holster also protects the finish, keeping the gun in great shape for ages to come.

A Purse Holster Can Give You Faster Access… If You Have The Right Holster And Train With It

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As a gun owner, you will want to be able to draw your gun quickly in an emergency. The purse holster keeps your gun readily accessible when you need it. Ladies' purses usually contain makeup, notebooks, laptops, and other personal effects. It would be nearly impossible to draw your gun efficiently if it is mixed up with these items.

The holster provides a method for properly securing your gun away from other belongings in your purse.

If a holster is properly designed, you can quickly draw your pistol and get it into action.

The purse holster is a must-have for any gun-toting lady's kit. The holster is more than just a convenient place to store your weapon.

The holster protects your gun against sudden movements and bumps with other items in your purse. It is also perfect for concealment, especially when you're in jurisdictions that have brandishing laws.

With the right purse holster, you will be able to access your weapon the moment you need to. A purse holster is, therefore, an important component in any gun owner's repertoire.