3 Uses of a Universal Holster

3 Uses Of A Universal Holster

Apr 9, 2020 8:30:00 AM

What are some good uses for a universal holster? You might notice that a universal holster design is not made to the same degree of precision as many other holsters are. You may have heard that they aren't as good to use as a holster that's made specifically for your make and model of pistol.

There's some truth to those criticisms, but it also matters what kind of universal holster you buy. If you get one of lesser quality - little more than a thick cloth or leather pouch in a vague shape sort of like your gun - then you will find it has many failings. A quality example, made for the same size class as your pistol, will function closer to if not just as well a molded holster will in many aspects.

It's also a good idea to get a holster with some sort of reinforced lining, like a hard plastic. This gives the holster rigidity, and helps protect the trigger guard at all times. That is a crucial aspect of how a handgun holster is supposed to function.

So let's say for the sake of argument that you have or are going to buy a universal holster of that kind of quality. What are some good uses for it? Here are 3 excellent ways to use a universal holster.

In A Concealed Carry Purse

concealed carry purse

One very good use of a universal holster is in a concealed carry purse. Not many concealed carry purses can accommodate the typical concealed carry holster, which can take up a lot of room in a typical purse, requiring you to carry a lot less in the purse or carry a very large purse to make room for it.

Obviously, not everyone wants to do that. This is where a universal holster is ideally used, if you have the right concealed carry purse for it. Since a universal holster will take up so much less space, the holster and a small pistol can easily be placed in the purse for daily carry.

However, you still need to have the right concealed carry purse. There needs to be a dedicated compartment for the pistol, which has some sort of method of securely closing it like a heavy zipper. Also, there should be something that helps grip the holster so the pistol can be drawn straight out of the purse. If the holster is covered in a grippy material, something like hook and loop fabric, sewn into the lining of the purse pocket, can work.

As A Grab-And-Go Concealed Carry Holster

Universal grip holster

Obviously, a universal holster can be used as a concealed carry holster, but how some people prefer to use them is for occasional use when you want to take your CCW pistol but don't want to go through the rigamarole of putting on a typical holster.

You need to run to the store, pick up the kids or what have you, so you don't want to go out without your gun, but you need to leave quickly. Putting on the typical IWB holster or OWB holster takes time to get into the waistband, additional time to get adjusted correctly and that may be time you don't want to spend if you're just coming right back to the house.

A universal holster is perfect! Insert the pistol into the holster, insert the holster into your waistband and conceal. Grab and go.

Since universal holsters have so much less rigidity than a molded holster like one made of Kydex, leather or a hybrid holster design, you can't train with them the same way. You should use the holster you train with to carry your gun - you want to train with the same tools you'll use to fight - but having a universal holster does help in exactly this situation.

A Universal Holster Is Also Great For Storing Your Pistols

Gun in universal holster

Another great use of a universal holster is as a protective cover for your pistol when you place it into storage. A lot of people own multiple handguns, after all, so it's a good idea to make sure those pistols that don't necessarily get carried every day are stored safely and securely.

A universal holster is perfect for this use. The finish stays protected and the gun will stay in good shape for years to come. If storing a loaded pistol, you'll want to make sure that the universal holster you purchase has a protective rigid lining, which keeps the trigger guard covered and therefore secure.

So, while a universal holster isn't - in some ways - as "good" as a standard molded holster, that doesn't mean there's no use for one. In fact, it's a very useful accessory that you might want to have on hand.

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