5 uses for a Woobie Blanket

5 uses for a Woobie Blanket

Mar 31, 2020 8:30:00 AM

The Woobie blanket receives ultimate praise from many former and active service members. It’s a poncho liner, made from polyester batting sandwiched between two sheets of nylon, and usually given to troops when they are sent on missions in areas with cold climates.

Many have lauded this handy blanket for its wide variety of uses, which go beyond the battle frontline. So, what is so special about this liner that has every soldier praising it? What functions can you achieve with a Woobie blanket? Today, we take a look at five possible uses of the Woobie Blanket.

A Woobie As A Packable Blanket For Your Bug Out Bag

woobie blanket packed

A Woobie blanket is a great packable blanket for your bug out bag. They fold flat and can easily be stored in the main compartment or rolled and secured to your pack with compression straps.

The Woobie blanket provides the perfect way to keep warm without adding too much weight to your luggage. Your sleeping bag offers a nice place to sleep but is not cozy enough. Throw in the Woobie Blanket, and you are practically setting up a mobile bedroom. This lightweight, warm, waterproof blanket ensures that you will have a reliable blanket and quick setup sleeping bag for when you need a quick nap.

It can also be used as a ground blanket or sleeping pad as well.

A Woobie Blanket Is Great For The Home


Not just for the outdoors, the Woobie blanket is also a cozy, functional accessory you can drape over your sofa for warmth and cover. The woobie blanket’s use on the couch goes beyond providing body warmth. Most modern woobies come in an assortment of colors and may just provide the needed aesthetic to give your living room a dash of color. You can also use the woobie blanket along with your normal bedtime comforter for additional warmth and coziness.

You can fold it up and easily store it when not in use. Another benefit is that unlike cloth blankets, the nylon shell of the woobie is easily spot-cleaned, in case of spills or otherwise getting anything on it.

The Woobie Also Works Well As Originally Intended

The original use of a woobie is a poncho liner, providing insulation from cold temperatures or from heat-robbing precipitation.

Depending on your level of creativity and willingness to dismantle your poncho, you can realize a wide range of apparels that don't just scream your patriotism to your country but also show that you have a keen fashion sense. Some items of clothing that you can make for your poncho liner include bathrobes, jackets, trench coats, and raincoats, among others.

Your only limit is your imagination.

A Woobie Can Also Be Used As A Tent Divider

You could string your Woobie blanket across the tent to mark off your territory.

For military personnel and hikers alike, privacy is key when living in tented camps. In shared tents, the closest you can get to an ounce of privacy is the use of a sleeping bag within your bunk. You may not feel private at all when everyone who walks by can see your belongings.

The woobie blanket also comes in handy as a partitioning option when you are out camping with the family. In a family-size tent, you can divide the space into functional units depending on how many people you went camping with.

You could also use one as a ground tarp or tent floor liner if you had to.

A Woobie Also Makes A Great Dog Bed

Woobie blanket roll

Our furry little friends deserve a little bit of love too, and a woobie can also make a fantastic dog bed. It works well in the home or can be easily folded and packed for traveling with your fur babies.

You could also fold up your Woobie blanket to create a cozy landing bed at the bottom of the kennel for your dog. This will provide a great deal of warmth and an awesome place for your pet friend to play in. Additionally, the Woobie blanket at the bottom of the kennel provides a waterproof and dustproof surface, making it a lot easier to clean the cage.

If you had used the Poncho liner for a while, converting it into a dog bed is an excellent idea since the blanket still contains traces of your unique scent. The dog will be at peace sleeping on the bed, knowing that its master is always around. This might also be a great idea for dogs that get separation anxiety while you’re out on errands or at work.