6 Best Christmas Gifts for Female Gun Owners

6 Best Christmas Gifts for Female Gun Owners

Nov 6, 2019 1:20:57 PM

Best Gifts for Female Gun Owners Who Conceal and Carry

What should you get the female gun owners in your life for Christmas? She might be new to concealed carry, or a seasoned shooter. Either way, she wants a gift for her gun, and you want to wow her.

What are the best gifts for female gun owners? Many women own a firearm for self-defense, and they need concealed carry items. We’ve compiled a list of gifts that are sure to impress any woman who conceal carries, or just loves shooting.

So, keep reading to discover good gifts for gun owners!

Concealed Carry Sweater

Concealed Carry Sweater

Sweaters are a great gift for the fall, period. But sweaters made specifically for concealed carry? Those are killer gifts for gun owners.

The Concealed Carry Knit Sweater is made of 100% Merino Wool, so it’s incredibly warm. Who doesn’t want to be warm and cozy?

The knit pattern is classically stylish, and the fit is relaxed. But the best part is that this sweater features ambidextrous draw-through pockets that allow her to quickly draw a firearm from either a belly band or corset holster.

It’s hard to find clothes on the market that are made specifically for concealed carry, and these draw-through pockets can’t be found anywhere else. So, this sweater is a total steal. Both for you and your lady. (But mostly for your lady.)

Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed carry purse

If you’re shopping for someone who’s comfortable with off body carry a concealed carry purse that’s actually stylish and designed for safety will be appreciated. (And possibly worshipped.)

Our concealed carry purses feature a separate compartment just for her firearm, as well as a hook and loop lining so she can attach a Hook and Loop holster. She can access this compartment through two ambidextrous zipper pockets. For women who have children, some of our concealed carry purses also feature a lockable zipper.

Range Bag

Range bag

You can’t deny it...many women love cute bags. A trip to the range will require gear, and if she’s not in love with her current range bag, get her one that she’ll be in love with! Especially if she’s trying to practice shooting more, this could be just the encouragement she needs.

Gun Belt

Women's gun belt

A real gun belt is a must if she carries IWB or OWB. She needs support all day long, but she also doesn’t want her gun belt to look manly.

Sadly, most gun belts that are designed for “women” still look manly. If this frustrates her, light up her year by getting her the best women’s gun belt ever.

Our English Bridle leather gun belts are reinforced with a spring steel core, so they’re strong enough to securely support her holster all day. But they’re also so stunningly stylish, you’d never know it was a gun belt. Choose from two gorgeous belt buckle designs and bedazzle her.


Box of ammo

Maybe you have a lady friend who’s an avid shooter, or maybe she’s easing her way into it. Either way, you can support her journey by supplying her with more ammo. Shooters always need more ammo, and it’ll give her the perfect excuse to hit up the range!

Concealed Carry Jacket

Concealed carry jacket

Cold weather, rain...jackets are great. How about a jacket that features a built-in holster pocket?

Those are great gifts for female gun owners who are comfortable carrying off body.

Select jackets from Tactica feature holster pockets that are lined with a strong layer of TPE for trigger guard protection and are enclosed with a hook and loop fabric. You can select from solid colored or camo style jackets.

Concealed Carry Leggings

Concealed carry yoga pants

Sometimes it’s nice to lounge around in leggings and a sweater. If you’re shopping for someone who practically lives in yoga pants, these concealed carry leggings will increase her concealed carry options, and she’ll be able to carry without wearing a separate holster.

How does it work? Our concealed carry leggings feature two built-in holster pockets. For safety, strong layers of TPE polymer are sewn into the holster pocket. No other concealed carry leggings on the market have implemented this feature. Not to mention...they’re incredibly stretchy and comfortable.

She can choose to carry around the 12:30 or 4:30 position, and she’ll also have a little pocket for her credit card or phone.

Concealed Carry Holster

Concealed carry holster

And our course, how can we forget a holster? Holsters often make the best gifts for gun owners, whether they conceal and carry or not. If she prefers more traditional carry, our OWB and IWB holsters are safe, comfortable, and highly concealable. OWB holsters are great for when she’s out at the range, and if she wants to conceal it, all she needs to do is throw on a sweater!

We also offer holsters that allow her to carry without a gun belt, such as the belly band or corset holster. These holsters are comfortable, safe, and durable. They can be paired with our concealed carry apparel for fast access and stylish concealment.

Gun Safe

Biometric gun safe

Secure storage at home is just as important as wearing a secure holster. She might be looking for an alternative method to her current gun safe. Not all gun safes have to be huge and expensive. Biometric gun safes are a great option because they require a fingerprint to open, and they can be left by her bedside.

No matter what gift you choose, she’ll know your gift was thoughtful, and she’ll appreciate you considering her interests. When in doubt, take her to go shooting!