6 Best Concealed Carry Guns for People with Small Hands

6 Best Concealed Carry Guns for People with Small Hands

Dec 20, 2019 2:08:47 PM

If you’re new to the gun world, and you’re trying to find the best concealed carry guns for people with small hands, you might be happily surprised to discover that you have several options.

Holding a gun in your hand is an exciting, empowering feeling, and we highly recommend that before you make a purchase, you visit your local gun store. You might have your eyes on a specific gun...oh you just know it’s the one!

But then you hold it in your hand and discover - it’s not a good fit! Your hand is too big, or too small. The trigger pull is too heavy. The grip texture is too soft, or too aggressive.

Good Concealed Carry Guns: No One Size Fits All

You want to be careful about your selection because your gun is a huge investment. It’s a tool that you’ll use to protect you and your loved ones, and it’s going to be right by your side, constantly.

Once you make your investment, not only do you have to learn the fundamentals of shooting, practice proper gun safety, and comply with state laws, but daily, you have to master the practicalities of concealing your handgun.

But your efforts will be greatly rewarded. You’ll have a newfound sense of confidence everywhere you go. That nervousness you feel in your chest in certain situations will quiet, and your security will deepen.

If you eat an elephant one bite at a time...anything is achievable.

Good Concealed Carry Guns: Know Your Weapon

It’s important to understand the drawbacks that you’ll experience when you shoot a smaller firearm so you can execute a plan to overcome them.

Basically, prepare yourself for some diligent yet rewarding practice time.

Blood, sweat, and tears...you got this.

A smaller gun weighs less, so as you shoot, you’ll experience more felt recoil. Recoil is simply force being directed backward due to the law of motion, and it can never be completely avoided. However, you can significantly reduce felt recoil by ensuring that you have the proper pistol grip.

Too much recoil will affect your accuracy, so it’s important to get it under control.

Smaller guns also have a short barrel, which equates to a shorter sight radius. With a shorter sight radius, it can be more difficult to get a clear sight picture and shoot on target.

So what can you do to overcome these difficulties? Practice, practice, practice. You’ll be investing in your safety, and who knows...you might even have fun!

Finding a Good Gun for Conceal and Carry in Any Outfit

Of course, however, a major benefit of a smaller firearm is that it’s easy to conceal in most outfits. The more comfortable and practical it is for you to conceal your firearm, the more likely you are to leave the house prepped for protection.

Concealing a firearm is especially difficult for women, but a compact firearm helps tremendously.

So, what are the best concealed carry guns for people with small hands?

Let’s dive in.

Glock 42

glock 42

The Glock 42 is the most compact Glock model available but doesn’t skimp on the excellent quality and reliability people have come to expect from a Glock. This striker-fired pistol is chambered in 380 ACP which is a smaller caliber but has very mild and manageable recoil for its size. The trigger pull is slightly on the heavier side at 8.5 pounds, however, it’s nice and crisp. With a magazine capacity of 6+1, it’s a great, consistent gun for carrying concealed every day.

Ruger LCP 2

ruger lcp 2

The Ruger LCP 2 is slightly lighter than the Glock 42 at 10.6 oz. Also chambered in 380 ACP, the Ruger LCP 2 is known to produce a greater degree of felt recoil than the Glock 42, however, the trigger pull is lighter at approximately 5 pounds, so it’s a better option for people who have weak fingers. The Ruger LCP 2 is also slightly more compact at 5.17 inches. With a 6+1 round capacity, this firearm is great for self-defense.

Springfield 911

springfield 911

The Springfield 911 is a great gun for everyday concealed carry, featuring a snag-free profile as well as ambidextrous external safeties. Available in .380 ACP and 9mm, this firearm features a short, crisp trigger pull that weighs approximately five pounds, rendering this firearm another excellent choice for people who have weaker fingers. While this firearm is compact, the pronounced beavertail allows for a high, comfortable grip and reduces recoil. At 5.5 inches, this firearm holds 6+1 rounds and is perfect for concealed carry.

Remington RM380

remington rm380

At 5.27 inches this firearm is very concealable, with a magazine capacity of 6 rounds. While this double action gun is light and compact, it does have a heavier trigger pull of 10 pounds, which is standard for a hammer-fired double-action firearm. Unlike most 380 firearms on the market, the Remington RM380 features a machined, 7075-aluminum frame. While this does raise the cost, it doesn’t add significant weight.

S&W M&P Shield 380 EZ

s&w m&p shield 380 ez

Designed for concealed carry, this compact yet reliable firearm features adjustable white dot front sites to aid in accuracy, as well as a grip safety. For those of you who have difficulty with heavy trigger pulls, this firearm features a light, crisp trigger pull, as well as an easy to rack slide. With a round capacity of 8+1, this firearm is great for comfortable EDC, as well as range practice. The magazine also features a button that makes it easy to load.

Sig Sauer P320 XCompact

sig sauer p320 xcompact

This innovative firearm uses a grip module design, so you can replace the grip for one that fits your hand size. The small size that’s available features one of the shortest trigger reaches you can find in a full-sized handgun. The compact 3.9 model is perfect for EDC, and you’re able to choose the caliber of your preference with caliber exchange kits. Depending on the model you order, the trigger weight for this striker-fired gun is between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds.

Ultimately, if you have small hands and you’re looking for a great concealed carry firearm, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these options.

Now it’s time to visit a gun store and hold these guns for yourself so you can experience the weight, grip, and trigger pull first-hand. You should be able to comfortably reach the trigger, and the trigger pull shouldn’t feel too heavy.

You’re on your way to concealing your firearm every day like a total pro, so we encourage you to keep going, because the effort is so worth feeling secure and empowered everywhere you go.