6 Best Concealed Carry Purses Compared: Picking The Right Purse For You

Which Concealed Carry Purse Should I Get? Tactica Defense Fashion Purses, Compared

Looking for a concealed carry purse, but don't know which one to get? There are a lot to choose from, so getting a bit lost is totally understandable.

We can't speak for every purse on the market, but we can certainly tell you about the concealed carry purses that we make.

Just like any practical item, it's not that there's an objectively perfect purse...but there is a perfect purse for you and what you intend to do with it. If you pick the right purse for you and your lifestyle, you'll get a lot of use out of it.

So if you know what you like and/or need in a purse, this guide to our concealed carry purses should help you pick the right one for you.

The Be Impressive Leather Concealed Carry Purse

The Be Impressive Leather Concealed Carry Purse is a sleek, compact purse that's perfect for everyday use if you don't need the most generous of carrying capacity.

The pebbled leather shell gives the purse a classic and classy appearance, in your choice of black or brown.

Overall dimensions are 9-½" long, 4" wide and 10-½" high, so it's not too small to be useful but not so big that it's a burden. The purse has one main compartment, with a zippered interior pocket for interior storage, and an exterior flap pocket.


Like all Tactica Defense Fashion purses, the purse includes an exterior pocket for storing your carry pistol. It's located on the back of the purse, with two vertical locking zippers to secure your gun while carrying.

A hook and loop liner is included, should you want to add a hook and loop holster to the purse.

The purse also includes an adjustable strap, which can be used as a carry handle or shoulder strap.

Compact Concealed Carry Handbag


The Compact Concealed Handbag is sleek, simple and elegant, but gives you a bit more storage space in the compartment. If you need a bit more storage space, but still prefer a lower-profile purse, this is the one to look at.

This purse is a bit tall and a little wide, but sleek so it isn't too burdensome to carry. Dimensions are 13" long, 11" tall but only 3" wide. A full size laptop won't fit, but you could easily fit a tablet or netbook if you wanted to.

The purse has a holster compartment between the outer shell and the purse compartment, with a rare earth magnet snap and a hook and loop lining to attach a holster.

The inner compartment has a locking zipper, and does have a zippered inner pocket as well.

Along with the two carry handles, there are also two D rings and an included adjustable shoulder strap, so you can sling the purse for safer concealed carry.

The Compact Concealed Handbag has a textured leather shell, in your choice of brown, beige or black. Sleek, stylish and practical.

Designer Concealed Carry Purse

The Designer Concealed Carry Purse is our best-seller and is easily one of our most popular items. It isn't hard to see why; it's an almost perfect blend of style and function.

This concealed carry purse is compact, at 9-½" long by 3-¼" wide and 9-¾" tall. It has a designer look and feel, with a leather shell available in black, blush pink or pistachio green.


Besides the interior compartment, there are multiple exterior compartments for extra storage, so don't let it's compact dimensions fool you.

The exterior holster compartment has a manually locking zipper for the utmost in safe storage, along with an included key. The interior of the holster compartment includes a hook and loop liner, for use with a holster.

An adjustable carry strap is included, so you can use it as a handle or shoulder strap, so you can carry it cross-body as you should with a concealed carry purse.

Elegant Protection Conceal And Carry Purse


You might need a larger purse, in case you carry a laptop or if you're a working mom and just need that extra storage space.

The Elegant Protection Conceal And Carry Purse is our largest purse, at 15" long, 5-½" wide and 11" tall, capable of carrying a small laptop and accessories.

An adjustable shoulder strap is included for slinging the bag, along with two carry handles. The strap is removable if you want to.

There are two main compartments, one with a zippered enclosure and one with a rare earth magnet closure.

There are two exterior zippered compartments, including a single pocket and a holster compartment, with dual zippers and a hook and loop liner for use with a holster.

The shell is pebbled leather, available in your choice of Butterscotch, navy blue or black.

Contemporary Concealed Carry Purse

The Contemporary Concealed Carry Purse is great if you need a bit more storage space than a compact purse, but not necessarily so much that you're practically carrying a duffel bag; it's a solid medium capacity purse with a classy appearance.

The purse has a leather shell, in your choice of black, green or red. The purse has two carry handles, along with a detachable shoulder strap if you want to sling the purse.


The purse measures 13" long, 4" wide and 11" tall, so not too big but not too small. Besides a generous zippered main compartment, there are two zippered exterior compartments including a small accessory pocket and a zippered holster compartment.

As with our other concealed carry purses, the holster compartment includes a hook and loop lining for use with a compatible holster.

The Contemporary Concealed Carry Purse strikes a near-perfect balance of generous storage space but streamlined dimensions, and looking great doing it.

Executive Concealed Carry Purse


Try on the Executive Concealed Carry Purse if you want a purse that's not too big in dimensions, but is definitely big on fashion...this is the purse for you. Conceal in comfort, dress to protect, and accessorize in style.

The Executive Concealed Carry Purse has a pebbled leather shell, available in your choice of black, black or black. Hey, it does go with everything!

The overall dimensions are 13-¾" in length, 5" wide and 11" tall, so it's just big enough for most daily uses but not so large that it's bulky. A great balance between style and substance.

The purse has a main compartment, with organization pockets on the interior sides, and a holster compartment on the outside with dual locking zippers and a hook and loop lining for use with a compatible holster.

There's a decorative tassel for flair, and a detachable carry strap along with the carry handles for carrying the purse over the shoulder or across the body.

The perfect blend of style and substance.