Best Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Best Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Dec 31, 2019 9:34:59 AM

Want to know the best concealed carry positions for women? If you’re a new carrier, and you don’t feel comfortable with open carry (in some states open carry isn’t even legal) then you’ll want to master the art of concealed carry.

Getting Concealed Carry Right

Not to say it’ll take you hours of practice to conceal your firearm…

But it’ll take time for you to figure out which concealed carry methods and positions work best for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Certain positions make concealment easier than others, but depending on your wardrobe, your hobbies, your occupation, etc, those positions may not work for you.

However, to help you decide which holster you should order in the first place, we’ll cover the best concealed carry positions for women.

Remember that concealed carry is a commitment, and if you conceal carry, you should strive to do so every day. The whole point is that you never know when a surprise attack might occur, so you want to be prepared.

Concealing Your Firearm

Before you consider which position is best for concealment, you’ll want to make sure you buy a gun that’s concealable. No matter what position you choose to carry in, if you’re packing a seriously big gun, it’s going to be difficult to conceal, especially in women’s fashion.

That’s why a wide variety of guns are now offered in compact, subcompact, or even micro compact models. Finding a concealable gun that’s also fun to shoot and packs a good self-defense caliber (such as a 9mm) is easier than ever today.

Best Position to Carry Concealed

So now let’s get into it...what are the best positions to conceal and carry in?

This list is slightly different for women as it is for men, considering certain holsters, such as the thigh holster, are designed only for women.

As you read about these positions, take into consideration your body type and the types of outfits you like to wear on a regular basis. Every concealed carry position has its pros and cons, but if it fits in with your wardrobe and you choose a holster that’s comfortable, you’ll be set.

Appendix Carry

So let’s talk about positions.

If your waist was a clock (let’s face it, humans do have a roundish shape) then the 12 o’clock position is right where you belly button is. An appendix holster is a type of IWB holster that was designed to sit around the 12 o’clock position, otherwise known as appendix carry.

You can easily conceal a compact firearm in this position, if you mount your holster onto your belt correctly. Some people say that this position is uncomfortable to carry in, especially if you’re sitting for a long period of time, however, some people find it perfectly comfortable, so it’s all about personal preference.

Your holster will make a large difference in comfort as well. If you have a kydex holster, the plastic will be pressing up against you, and it likely won’t be comfortable. Holsters that feature a neoprene backing are known to be incredibly comfortable. Leather holsters can be comfortable as well, but only after a break-in period.

Inside the Waistband

Best IWB holster for women

Inside the waistband holsters allow for easy concealment because they rest between your side and the inside of your pants. The pancake style IWB holster is especially slim, comfortable, and good for deep concealment.

Where should you carry your IWB? Most people find that the 4 o’clock or 4:30 position is great for deep concealment. It’s recommended never to carry at the small of the back position, because it’ll be impossible to access your firearm if you get pinned down, and if it jams into your back it could cause spinal damage.

Thigh Holster

Thigh holsters are a great option for women who like to wear dresses and skirts. The thigh holster is highly concealable, especially if you wear it on the inside of your thigh.

You will have to lift your skirt or dress in order to draw, but that’s a small price to pay when you’re saving your life. Some concealment clothes, such as our Protectress Concealment Dress will allow you to draw through faux pockets, so you have quicker access, and you don’t have to lift anything up!

Corset Holster

Concealed carry corset holster

The corset holster is slimming and allows for deep concealment. However, depending on the size of your firearm, you may still need to wear a loose fitting or flowy shirt in order to fully conceal your firearm. Corset holsters can also be incredibly comfortable, and our concealed carry apparel features draw-through pockets that give you instant access to your corset holster.

Ankle Holster

Ankle holster for women

If you like to wear flared style jeans, the ankle holster is very concealable. However, if you’re participating in strenuous activity (like running), the ankle holster isn’t recommended.

Also, some instructors recommend that you use an ankle holster only for carrying a back-up gun, simply because you have to be in a certain position in order to draw quickly from your ankle holster. People typically carry an ankle holster on the inside of their weak leg so they can draw with their strong hand.

A Word About Holsters

So, all these positions allow for concealment, but the next step is to figure out which position works best for you.

When you’re shopping for a holster, make sure your holster features some sort of trigger guard protection (such as plastic or leather) and that it’s comfortable to wear. As you conceal day in and day out, you want your holster to be so comfortable, you hardly notice it’s there.