6 Best Holster Styles for Women in 2021

Best Holster Styles For Women

How can you find the best gun holsters for women? Women shooters are on the rise. They’re buying guns, they’re joining clubs and practicing at the range. They’re taking responsibility for their safety and as they master their shooting, they’re feeling empowered.

According to surveys, the number #1 reason more women are purchasing guns is for self-defense. That means that the best holster styles for women are in demand.

The Best Holster Styles for Women

If this is you, and you’ve just started your concealed carry journey, learning about the best concealed carry holsters for women will help you make an informed decision. This is important, since you’ll be investing in a holster that you’ll be relying on for years to come, not only to conceal your firearm, but to safely protect your trigger guard.

Finding the perfect holster for you can be difficult considering holsters are only available in select stores. So, you may be limited to shopping online for a holster, ordering the product, and possibly returning it if it’s not the right fit. That’s why doing as much research as you can on these products beforehand could potentially save you time and money.

Why You Need a Good Holster

So, why do you need a holster, anyways?

Hopefully you’ve never known anyone to take a compact gun and stick it in their pocket or their purse, but if you have...know that it’s extremely dangerous.

A gun is only a tool, yes, but it has to be properly handled and properly stored. The best ccw holsters for women are designed to properly protect the most vulnerable part of your gun - the trigger guard.

If you simply stick your holster in a wide-open space, like a pocket, bag, or backpack...the trigger guard isn’t protected.

And let’s not even start on how dangerous it could be if your firearm is sharing a space with other objects. If anything gets between the trigger guard and the trigger...it could be bad.

You want to make smart decisions, and you want to be safe, so you need a holster.

But not just any holster…

A holster that fits your body securely and comfortably and keeps your gun safe.

What to Look for in a Holster

So, what should be your criteria for a holster? Generally, you’re looking for two main elements: safety and comfort.

If a holster isn’t comfortable, chances are you won’t want to wear it, and it’ll defeat the entire purpose of concealed carry because you’ll leave your house without your gun!

So, comfort is key. Leather holsters are protective, but they can be hard, rigid, and uncomfortable against your skin. Kydex holsters are also protective, but you’ll run into the same issue...discomfort.

That’s why the best (and most advanced) holster design is the hybrid holster design. It combines a comfortable backing (neoprene) for comfort, with a hard shell for safety.

Styles of Holsters for Concealment

Today there are more options for women’s holsters than ever before. Not only are some traditional holsters (such as the IWB or the belly band) now available for women’s body types, but women can purchase holsters that are exclusive to them, such as the corset or thigh holster.

Options are great, but sometimes having a lot of options can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know which holster will meet your needs or be practical for EDC.

So we’re going to break down the 6 best holster styles for women so you’ll have a clear understanding of how each holster works, and you can discern which options will work best for your wardrobe, body type, and lifestyle.

Without further ado...let’s get started!

#1: Inside The Waistband (IWB) Holster

IWB carry is the most popular carry method, and for good reason. A well designed IWB Holster is not only protective, but it’s comfortable to carry, and easy to conceal. IWB Holsters can be slid on a gun belt, and if worn properly, will remain securely in place all day. IWB Holsters designed specifically for women are now available. They’re smaller and slimmer without sacrificing safety or comfort making them one of the best holster styles for women.


#2: Belly Band Holster

The Belly Band Holster is great for people who don’t want to or can’t wear a gun belt. A well-designed belly band holster will sit comfortably and securely around your waist, and most of them are adjustable. Some belly band holsters are made of elastic or lace, while other more advanced models feature a hybrid design which is the best option for both comfort and safety.


#3: Thigh Holster

Thigh holster

A Thigh Holster is a popular option for when you want to conceal and carry in a dress or skirt. The thigh holster is extremely concealable, and won’t cause too much discomfort, as long as you’re concealing a compact firearm. Most thigh holsters are adjustable and allow you to carry inside or outside the thigh so you can choose the option that’s most comfortable for you.

#4: Ankle Holster

The Ankle Holster is a great back-up carry method. These holsters are carried in the pant leg area, and it’s important to keep in mind that the draw is unique for an ankle holster; in some situations, you won’t be able to access your firearm as quickly as with an OWB or belly band. However, It’s a great method of carry if you like to wear flare style jeans and you want to wear a tight top.


#5: Outside the Waistband Holster

Even though OWB Holsters sit outside the waistband, they’re still concealable, and very comfortable. OWB Holsters work great for a day at the range. If you want to conceal your firearm at any point, you can simply throw over a cardigan and call it good, assuming your firearm is compact.


#6: Corset Holster

And of course...how could we forget the corset holster. Inspired by the famous belly band holster, the corset holster compliments your curves and conceals your firearm at the same time. Corset holsters come in different varieties, so you’ll want to make sure you get a corset holster that features some sort of trigger guard protectant, such as a layer of TPE sewn into the holster pocket.


Honorable Mentions

While the previously mentioned holsters are our picks for the top 6 holster styles for women in 2020 we think it's work bringing up some other options that didn't quite make the list but are definitely worth mentioning.

Concealed Carry Purse

A concealed carry purse offers a distinctive advantage for women over men. An ideal option for off-body carry, this is our first honorable mention for top holster styles for women. Ideally, the purse will have a separate pocket to store your firearm and holster for quick access.

Concealed Carry Backpack

A concealed carry backpack is another strong option for off-body carry. The extra storage space will allow you to carry a larger handgun and it's very easy to conceal a firearm inside. As always, use a holster which secures the trigger guard inside the backpack.

Concealed Carry Bag

A concealed carry bag is a great option for when you don't want to carry a purse and a backpack is too bulky for the activities you have planned. Just make sure you use a secure holster which covers your trigger guard inside the bag.

The Holster is Just the Beginning

Buying the right gun, learning how to shoot your gun, getting your permit...it all means nothing if you don’t have a good holster. But once you’ve found the perfect holster, your journey isn’t over. It’s important that you practice drawing from that holster until your draw is swift and built into your muscle memory.

There’s a lot to learn, and we’re right there with you. Keep learning, practicing, growing, and remember to always dress for protection.™

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