How To Make Concealed Carry For Women More Comfortable
Start With Comfortable Concealed Carry Holsters For Women

You Can Have It All With A Bit Of Work: Making Concealed Carry For Women More Comfortable

The hitch with concealed carry for women, and indeed for men too, is how to make it more comfortable.

Some people are going to say some sort of tripe about "toughing it out" or "it's supposed to be comforting, not comfortable" but that's missing the a lot.

The truth is that if carrying your gun isn't at least tolerable for long're going to find excuses not to carry it.

"Oh, I'm just going to the store" you might say and the next thing you know, you leaving it at home for a day, two...or longer.

And that completely defeats the purpose. If you're going to bother getting training, putting in the practice time, obtaining the permit, getting a holster and so on, you should be carrying every day.

So how do you make concealed carry more comfortable? Let's talk about some ways to do that.

Start With A Comfortable Women's Concealed Carry Holster

IWB concealed carry holster

The first step for concealed carry for women is to select a concealed carry holster that's comfortable for you to wear. This is highly personal; some people have different preferences than others.

For instance, some people prefer a slim, single-clip minimal holster. Others prefer more of the classic hybrid holster, with a soft but durable base with a hard-molded polymer shell. This much is up to you.

However, what's gotten a lot of holsters tossed in the trash over the years is not being comfortable enough to carry all day, every day. Again, if you find a holster isn't comfortable to carry with, you start finding excuses not to carry.

The same is true for women or men, or anyone at all. If you're going to concealed carry, there's almost no point unless you're going to have it on you...pretty much any time you leave the house.

Placement Can Make A Big Difference

concealed carry for women

Believe it or not, a little fine tuning goes a long way with women's concealed carry. Moving your holster as little as an inch in any direction can make a big difference in terms of comfort.

A bit too far forward, and it can dig into the hip. Too far back and the butt of the gun can dig into your back.

If carrying in the appendix position, the holster can dig into some more sensitive areas if not placed correctly as well, so don't overlook it.

To be sure, it isn't the biggest issue in the world. An uncomfortable holster isn't comfortable no matter where you wear it. However, a holster can go from marginally comfortable to concealed carry perfection with a bit of adjustment.

Get A Good Gun Belt

Another top tip to make concealed carry for women more comfortable, especially if carrying on the waistband, is to get a proper gun belt to carry with.

Firstly, a proper gun will help keep a holster and pistol in place. Since placement is a component of comfortable concealment, a good gun belt will help keep your holster in place.

Another aspect is that a gun belt that has sufficient strength to hold up a holster and gun and doesn't need to be retightened or tightened to a point where it becomes uncomfortable.

Your standard fashion belt is not up to carrying a holster and pistol. A belt that doesn't have enough support will have to be tightened to the point where it's uncomfortable, if not downright painful.

You'll stop carrying very quickly if that's what you have to deal with. Get a good gun belt and these are problems you won't have to deal with.

Dress For Success And Concealed Carry For Women

woman wearing iwb holster

Another issue is dressing for carrying. If you select a pair of pants or cover garment that doesn't really work for concealed carry for women - or men, or anyone - it can make things more complicated.

When it comes to the aspect of comfort, it's really about the pants and especially if they're a bit tight. This will cause the holster to be pressed into you, which isn't the most comfortable, and can also imprint through clothing.

This is especially of concern if carrying an IWB holster.

The common rule with IWB carry is that you need to go up a size, if not two, if you're going to carry this way. Obviously, it's less of an issue if carrying with a belly band or a corset holster, but it can be with an IWB.

However, the good news is that it's really not rocket surgery. A cover garment that's a little loose usually is all you need, and the same would apply to pants or jeans.

That said, you're usually good to go if you just dress comfortably, which doesn't have to compromise your sense of style.