Quick Guide To Corset Holsters

How To Choose The Best Corset Holster

When looking for the best conceal carry options, the corset holster is a great tool for a woman to protect herself and her family. This discrete method of carrying provides comfort, safety, and flexibility, while giving the user a slimming look. One could say this is a wonderful way to strike two birds with one bullet – training the tummy while carrying confidently and securely.

Although there are other concealed carry holsters in the market, such as the belly band and the inside the waist band holster, the corset is one of the favorites among women who carry. Simply put, a corset offers a woman plenty of advantages, allowing both her fashion sense and her ability to carry to coexist.

What Are The Advantages Of A Corset Holster?

A well-made concealed carry corset allows a woman to be comfortable while going about her everyday business. The best corset holsters are made with the user in mind. The design of a corset ensures that everything stays in place. A holster pocket equipped with a trigger guard for a gun, plus another pocket for a spare magazine, help make retention optimal. The padding and fabric works with the body to help the gun be snug and secured in place. All these features ensure that the firearm will not be sticking out in either direction. Neither the grip should be pointing upward into the chest area, nor should the end of the barrel be digging downward into the hips and belly. Thus, the firearm will be unnoticeable and should feel like a natural extension of its user.

Likewise, this high concealability reduces a common complaint among women who carry – printing. This refers to the instances when the shape of the gun appears to be bulging into clothing, particularly tightly fitting tops. Because the whole point of conceal carry is to not make anyone aware of a weapon on the body, the corset design gives the ultimate coverage to make printing minimal to non-existent.

What To Wear With A Corset For Ultimate Concealment?

Anyone can reduce printing by wearing the appropriate apparel to go with your holster. The best compliments to the concealed corset holster are tops specifically designed for conceal carry. These tops have faux pockets – openings that allow the user to reach into the holster and have their gun at the ready in a matter of seconds.

For example, a kangaroo pocket concealed carry top looks like any ordinary top with pockets, but they are actually gaps that give instant access to the corset and the weapon it conceals securely. Likewise, a concealed carry flannel shirt has openings that are camouflaged into the design, adding an additional layer of discretion.

Things To Do While Wearing A Corset Gun Holster

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In contrast to more open carry options like the outside the waist band holster, the corset gun holster offers the best results for a woman who carries on the body. This gives her extra flexibility and security to go about her daily routine without her concealed carry weapon interfering.

In addition, a woman wearing a corset holster can participate in an active lifestyle and participate in things like running and biking, all while concealed carrying. The snugness and safety features of the corset allows her to be confident that she and others are fully protected.

Where To Find The Best Concealed Carry Corset?

Although an internet search will reveal several manufacturers and resellers providing corset gun holsters and tactical products for women, there is only one that won the 2020 NRA Golden Bullseye Award. Tactica Defense Fashion received this award, backing our quality and commitment to women who want to empower themselves through their constitutional rights.

Tactica’s corset incorporates every feature for safety and comfort that a woman needs to conceal in full confidence. Available in black and nude colors, the corset comes in several sizes to accommodate waists ranging from 26 to 38 inches.

It also comes in two heights – regular and petite. The regular corset has nine front facing hooks that are easy to put on without anyone else’s help. This is not your great-great grandma’s Victorian Era corset that requires a dozen other women just to tie it up from the back as the wearer scrambles for breath.

This is one of the most popular items in our line, so we hope you try it out for yourself with a risk-free, 10-day trial. And please feel free to reach out to Tactica with any questions about this or any other product to help you conceal in confidence.


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