How to Concealed Carry in a Dress

How to Concealed Carry in a Dress

Jan 2, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Will everyone please make way for one of the most exciting new concealed carry accessories—the concealed carry dress. Yes, that’s right, a concealed carry dress.

Dressing for Concealed Carry

It’s no secret that women love dresses. After all, what’s not to love? Dresses are classic, timeless, and sometimes a woman's best friend (in a very real way). Dresses are a staple for almost any environment or situation that you can think of. Professional work environment? Check. Christmas party? Check. A day out on the beach? Check. A night out on the town? Check.

Dresses can highlight your greatest assets perfectly, while seamlessly hiding your flaws (or shall I say, perfect imperfections?) Dresses can be dressed up or down, long and flowy, slim and short, or the perfect blend of both. They are there for you when you want to cover up. They are there for you when you want to show off. They can match nearly any style, from old-fashioned to quirky to modern.

Let’s face it, many dresses are just straight up stylish, and as women who are on a mission to dress for protection, we want to be able to protect ourselves in style.

A Wardrobe Problem: Why Dresses Are Hard To Conceal In

Women struggle with concealed carry methods because unlike men, they have to make significantly more wardrobe adjustments. Women have to try and work around tight clothing, light solid colors, and clothing that may conceal well, but doesn’t provide functional access. For women, if concealed carry is not only practical for their favorite outfits, they’ll have to either sacrifice the clothes they love, or risk their safety.

Dresses especially pose a function risk when it comes to concealed carry. While some dresses may offer concealment, it’s difficult to quickly access your firearm when you conceal carry in a dress. That’s why typically the most optimal option for concealed carry in a dress is a thigh holster. However, if you wanted to access your firearm, you’d have to lift your dress, and if your dress goes past your knees, it could take you too long.

Also, some dresses won’t sufficiently conceal your gun. Women are often told to solve this problem by wearing loud patterns, chunky jewelry or scarves to keep people’s attention off of their body so people won’t notice they’re printing. However, this only treats the symptom, not the problem. So, how can a concealed carry dress swoop in and save the day?

The Solution: A Concealed Carry Dress

Coveresque concealment dress by Tactica Defense Fashion

Considering women are the largest growing demographic in the gun industry, it’s about time that this problem was solved. Women should not have to put themselves at risk when they want to wear a dress, and they should always feel confident in what they wear.

The Coveresque Concealment Dress by Tactica offers the perfect solution. With ambidextrous and inconspicuous pockets that reach all the way through, you can easily draw from a belly band, corset, or thigh holster while you wear your dress without having to lift it completely up and show more skin than you’d like.

Offered in three solid colors and several sizes, this simple, clean, and modern concealed carry dress will allow you to feel confident and secure. This dress can be dressed down to fit a casual environment, or spiced up with a pair of heals as a concealed carry for business dress, or a night out on the town!

Holsters that work well with a concealed carry dress

While a concealed carry dress does allow for quick access, there are specific holsters that are more compatible with the concealed carry dress than others. When you wear a concealed carry dress, you want to make sure that your wearing a holster that will allow for deep concealment beneath the dress, as well as fast access. Let’s look at the main concealed carry holsters that work well with a concealed carry dress.

The Belly Band Holster

Belly Band Holster for women

The Belly Band Holster is advantageous for when you don’t want to wear a gun belt, and let’s face it - you probably won’t want to wear a gun belt under your dress! The Belly Band is highly adjustable, allowing you to wear it high or low on your waist, as well as adjust the fit so it’s not too tight or loose.

The Tactica Belly Band Holster also features a custom-molded shell at an angled cant, allowing for proper retention as well as a more natural draw. This setup is perfect for the concealed carry dress. Simply slide your hand into your “pocket” and quickly draw your firearm. It’s highly recommended that you practice your draw from your holster of choice several times so you can be competent in drawing in a quick, fluid motion. In a real emergency, when stress is high, muscle memory will aid in your protection.

The Corset Holster

Concealed carry corset holster

The Corset Holster is similar to the belly band holster in that it allows you to conceal carry without having to wear a gun belt. The corset holster fits tightly around your waist, and naturally compliments your shape. Tactica’s Corset Holster is also ambidextrous, so you can carry on either side. For added protection, the dual pistol pockets are lined with polymer to support and protect your firearm.

Since the corset holster allows you to carry on either side, and the concealed carry dress allows you to draw from either side, this combo gives you the options you’re looking for. The corset holster also offers deep concealment, so you can avoid printing entirely in this dress, without having to wear loud prints or a dress that’s two sizes too big!

The Thigh Holster

The location of the pockets on this dress also make it a great match for a thigh holster. The pockets reach deeply and with practice, you can quickly draw your firearm from your favorite thigh holster. With a thigh holster, you can choose to carry your firearm on the inside or outside of your thigh. In the concealed carry dress, it will be easier to draw from outside the thigh, but if you practice enough you may be able to master a quick draw from the inside of your thigh as well.

The Coveresque Concealment Dress is a revolutionary accessory for concealed carry that will allow women to feel empowered, sharp, and secure throughout their day. Express yourself boldly, and support the second amendment proudly, by dressing to protect.