What to Look for in Concealed Carry Yoga Pants

What To Look For In Concealed Carry Yoga Pants

Apr 16, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Concealed carry yoga pants have grown popular with women over the years due to their versatility: you can wear yoga pants to a workout, picnic, or night out with other girls. This has left many ladies wondering how to concealed carry with yoga pants. This article explores various options, while also exploring available concealed carry leggings.

Ladies have always wondered how to integrate their concealed carry into everyday life. Yoga pants have become part of women’s daily activities owing to their flexibility. Ladies wear yoga pants to gyms, jogging routes, and other daily commitments.

These are situations that present public risks, where you are left with no option but to carry your weapon.

While yoga pants are comfortable and stylish, they are not the best option for concealment since they stretch at the hip, revealing the firearm underneath. Today, we take a look at how to concealed carry with yoga pants.

Find the Right Type of Holster to use with Yoga Pants

Tactica Universal Grip Holster-500

With an increased focus on weapon concealment for women, companies have created various holsters that are suitable for the female form and range of movement. You do not require a belt to secure your weapon with these holsters. There are a few different popular holster designs that work well in this application.

A belly band holster is a very good choice if you won’t be wearing a belt. Your weapon fits perfectly in a compression-type holster that allows you to place the gun in any position around your waist and hips. The belly band holster is slim and soft, which means it offers safety and accessibility when wearing any outfit, yoga pants included.

Corset Holsters conceal your weapon and double up as slimming shapewear. They allow you to conceal weapons underneath any type of clothing, particularly light outfits like yoga pants. These holsters offer two carry methods; kidney carry and appendix carry. You, therefore, get to choose the carrying style that suits you, your weapon, and the outfits you intend to use it with.

Another possible solution is a bra holster. Some users have found them uncomfortable, though others have found them very comfortable to carry with. However, bra holsters rarely put the pistol in an easily-accessed location, so drawing the gun in an emergency can be made more complicated than with other holster types.

Pair Yoga Pants With A Concealed Carry Shirt

two piece concealed carry top

A great alternative would be to pair your yoga pants with a concealed carry shirt, made specifically for concealed carry.

Concealed carry shirts are often roomy enough to accommodate your firearm without the outline showing. Some shirts feature a tank top design that allows ladies to hide their gun under their arms for quick and effective draws.

Some shirts resemble traditional outfits but come with holster pockets that carry firearms, magazines, and other defense accessories. You can easily pair these shirts with your yoga pants and not have to worry about belts and holsters.

There’s Also Concealed Carry Yoga Pants

concealed carry yoga pants

Concealed carry yoga pants have been gaining popularity in the firearm concealment market. These functions either one of two ways: some feature a holster in the waistband while others come with pockets and compartments to conceal your weapon.

These yoga pants offer trigger protection, retention, quick draw & reholster, and comfort when carrying your concealed weapon. These pants allow you to feel safe and confident while carrying self-defense weapons.

You get the utmost in comfort, casual style AND can stay armed at the same time, with gear that will let you use the pistol quickly and competently if an emergency should ever arise. It’s the best of all worlds.

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