How To Wear A Belly Band Holster

Wear Your Belly Band Holster Under A Hoodie

Figuring out how to wear a belly band holster goes beyond just putting the holster on - you need to dress with it too!

But how are you supposed to dress with a belly band holster? Form-fitting clothing isn't going to work if there's a pistol involved; you'll imprint through clothing like crazy. Just as with a holster and gun on the waistband, you need to dress around the gun a bit.

How do you do that?

We're here to show you.

Dressing around a belly band holster isn't hard. You just have to allow a little extra room to cover the gun. The question is how you fit your sense of style in how to dress around the gun. The key, of course, is picking the right top.

What are some great looks that go with a belly band holster?

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concealed carry hoodie

A concealed carry hoodie and a belly band holster are a great set for fall and spring, when it's a little cool out and you don't mind wearing the hoodie around.

What you want to find is a concealed carry hoodie that offers fast access to the belly band holster.

Remember, you want to dress to be able to protect yourself, not dress and hope you'll be able to do so.

Look for a hoodie with a false pocket or access panel that allows you to get your hand directly on the gun. This way, you don't have to worry about clearing your cover garment to get to the weapon if you need it.

Dress Your Belly Band Up With A Two-Piece Top

two piece concealed carry top

If you need to dress up a bit for the office, a great pairing is a smart two-piece top and your belly band holster. Pairing this kind of top with your holster and gun lets you dress for a professional environment - or if you just like to keep it classy - but keep your handgun on you.

The right two-piece top can be a perfect blend of style and comfort. Just dressy enough that it satisfies office dress codes, but comfy enough that you could wear it anytime without thinking about it.

However, just like with picking a hoodie, you need to pick a two-piece that works with your belly band holster.

It should be roomy enough to not print. You should also be able to get to your pistol in a hurry if needs be, either with a false pocket for fast access or otherwise allowing easy clearance of the cover garment to get a firing grip to draw the gun.

Of course, it should also flatter and compliment your figure and personal style. It's completely possible to look good and feel good knowing you're ready for anything.

Keep It Casual And Wear Your Belly Band Holster With A T-Shirt

concealed carry t shirt

If it's too hot out for a hoodie, or if you just don't want to make things complicated, a concealed carry t-shirt and belly band holster make a great pair.

If, that is, you pick the right concealed carry t-shirt.

The typical shirt may not be the best choice, as you have to draw the garment up to access the gun. With some shirts this can be problematic, so it helps to get a concealed carry t-shirt that has an access panel like a false kangaroo pocket that lets you get a fast firing grip.

Depending on how you position your belly band holster, this may be either a nice option to have or outright necessary.

If you have your belly band closer to your diaphragm than your belt buckle, that fast access panel is all but required. If your belly band is closer to the waistband of your pants or leggings, it might be a little less of an absolute requirement.

That said, it's a great feature to have in a shirt you use to conceal and carry.

Pick a nice, roomy, comfortable shirt for regular daily carry or for spring and summer days when wearing more than a shirt is just not happening. This will keep you comfortable, and let you conceal your sidearm in comfort and concealment.