Merino Wool for Concealed Carry?

Merino Wool for Concealed Carry?

Apr 2, 2020 8:30:00 AM

You might have noticed more products than ever these days made of a material called merino wool, such as socks, sweaters and so on.

Some are for the more outdoor set, others are fairly standard fashion items and then you have the odd concealed carry sweater in this material.

Why is that? The material has a lot of benefits, in that it’s light but also very warm and incredibly comfortable, being far softer than a lot of wool garments from years past. The excitement and obsession that has come with the design of tactical merino wool products are highly justified, as it turns out.

What is Merino Wool?

Concealed Carry Sweater

As the name suggests, this wool comes from a special breed of sheep known as the Merino, often found in both arctic and desert areas. Therefore, this high-grade fabric is adapted for both cold and hot seasons, as a result of its extraordinary insulation properties.

For individuals who carry concealed, this simply means that you can wear these products every day, all year round, regardless of the season. The fabric keeps you warm during cold weather and cools during warm weather, therefore regulating your body temperature.

Why is it Great?

Merino wool concealed carry sweater

What makes Merino wool so great as compared to other types of fabrics? It has some distinct advantages over other fabrics and materials that make it ideal for a lot of applications, from general fashion and wear – including concealed carry use, or just general wear – as well as layering for outdoor use.

Merino wool is the most hydrophilic of all the existing natural fibers. This means that it can absorb a significant amount of water/liquid without feeling wet. This is why it is equally suitable for hot summer seasons as it is for colder seasons. It will absorb the sweat off your body and keep you feeling dry all day. The fabric wicks the sweat in the form of moisture and evaporates it into the air.

Merino wool has very fine fibers, approximately 17 microns thick in many cases, making it unbelievably soft on the skin and scratchless. It is cozy and provides the utmost comfort for both outdoor and indoor wear. It is also hypoallergenic and hence comfy enough for wearing for long durations even for sensitive skin. Comfort is a primary factor in concealed carry since there is a need to select an outfit that can allow for everyday carry, with ease.

Merino wool fabric has natural air pockets that trap heat between the fibers, allowing it to be much warmer relative to its weight. This is important in concealed carry since, more often, there is a need to wear baggier clothing for total concealment. The lightweight fabric will enable the gun owner to carry comfortably with no extra bulk or weight. This ensures more comfort and efficiency in everyday carry.

Other Amazing Benefits

Merino Wool has many other advantages. For instance, it does not wrinkle, it is anti-static, it is flame-proof, and it is odor-resistant. In addition to this, it does not stretch or sag since the fibers allow it to retain its shape.

That makes a merino wool sweater ideal for use as a cover garment for concealed carry, as it won’t imprint as easily as cotton and other materials.

Furthermore, it is anti-static, biodegradable, and absorbs UV radiation throughout the UV spectrum, therefore, offering UV protection. While it’s great for run of the mill clothing like hats, socks, shirts and so on, it’s even better for outdoor use. Backcountry hikers and hunters swear by wool socks, baselayers and midlayers for its warmth relative to weight and softness.

Merino Wool Products

Merino wool beanie

The benefits of this amazing fabric are not just limited to the making of aesthetically fashionable items. Despite being lightweight, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The merino sheep are shorn twice a year averagely, and they grow a new coat of wool, making it very sustainable.

The fleece can be 100% natural or blended with synthetic fibers to enhance its characteristics and make it more affordable. The merino wool is used to create a range of products for tactical wear, including sweaters, socks, merino wool hats, shirts, and base layer bottoms, neckties as well as scarves.