Most Comfortable Belly Band Holster

Most Comfortable Belly Band Holster

If you want EDC to be practical, comfort is key. That’s why the most comfortable belly band holsters are in demand. Thankfully, here at Tactica Defense Fashion, we have one of the best belly band holsters available on the market today.

Most Comfortable Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Drawing from belly band holster

Not all holsters are created equally. If you want to conceal and carry, it’s important to find a holster that accommodates your complex needs, and safely retains your firearm.

Before we look at how to find a comfortably fitting belly band holster, let’s discuss an obvious point—why should you wear a belly band holster in the first place? What are the benefits?

A Holster That's Designed to Give You Options

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Holsters designed specifically for women are on the rise. Women are the largest growing demographic in the gun industry, and companies are taking notice. Women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to concealed carry, and oftentimes holsters that are designed for men don’t address these challenges.

They’re typically large and bulky, and most women’s clothes are tighter fitting.

Also, women’s closets are diverse, and who says they want to wear jeans and a belt all the time? What if they feel like wearing leggings, a skirt, or a dress?

This is where the belly band comes in handy. But not just any belly band. A belly band designed specifically for women. As women are typically shorter-waisted, they need something slimmer.

Types of Belly Band Holsters

As you shop, you’ll discover that there are several different types of belly band holsters on the market. Typically belly band holsters are made from elastic or lace. While these holsters can be comfortable, they don’t offer the best security.

For proper trigger guard protection, your holster should feature some sort of plastic (typically kydex) or leather. Are belly band holsters comfortable if they feature a plastic shell? That depends on the design.

The Best Belly Band Holster Design

best womens belly band holster

A plastic shell will benefit you in two major ways: it will reliably protect your trigger guard, and it will offer more customized, secure retention. It will also be easier to reholster, since the gun pocket stays open. The best shells are shells that are custom-molded, so they fit the exact shape of your gun; this offers the best fit.

However, in some cases, you may want to adjust your retention, depending on your drawing preferences. You want to achieve a nice, smooth draw from the holster, but you also don’t want your gun to be too loose inside your holster. Adjustable retention is preferable.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

adjustable retention

Of course, without comfort, you may not want to wear your belly band in the first place, which defeats the entire purpose.

A common complaint of belly band holsters, especially those made out of elastic, is that they’re too uncomfortable to practically carry on a daily basis, and they lack sufficient retention. However, belly band holsters that are made with a neoprene backing frequently score high on the comfort factor.

So as you can see, both comfort and safety are crucial for EDC.

That’s why Tactica offers an innovative belly band holster design. Combining a hard shell with a soft backing, this holster ensures comfort and security. The canted shell is custom-molded to fit the exact shape of your firearm, and provides perfect retention.

The soft neoprene backing offers ultra-comfort and breathability. It wicks away moisture, which helps to keep you cool as the weather gets hot - a total must!

Adjusting Your Belly Band

Belly band adjustment

Tactica’s belly band holster features a hook and loop fastener, so you can carry high up on your waist, down below your belly, or anywhere in between. You can also choose how tight you’d like it to be. This adjustability will help you get creative with your concealment and choose the position that works best with your outfit.

Conceal Carrying with a Belly Band Holster

Conceal carry belly band

A belly band holster gives you options for when you can’t or don’t want to wear a gun belt. If you prefer to carry in the front, and you like to wear yoga pants a lot, the belly band holster is a great option for you.

Remember - if you prefer this method for EDC, practice drawing from your belly band holster! Make sure you’ve got it down.

The custom-molded shell sits at a cant in front. You’ll want to wear a slightly loose or flowy top. You’ll also find it’s easier to conceal if you tuck your bottoms over the holster.

It can be hard for women to find fashionable clothes that make for easy concealment. If you’ve been having a hard time finding fashionable concealed carry outfits, Tactica offers a collection of concealed carry apparel designed specifically to help you conceal your firearm. Stylish shirts, sweaters, and even dresses are also designed with draw-through pockets that give you quick access to your firearm from a belly band or corset holster.

In the end, the belly band holster is a great choice for women who want more options.

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