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best khaki womens tactical pants
Women's Concealed Carry

Should I Get Women’s Tactical Pants For Concealed Carry?

Shop Women’s Concealed Carry Pants Do Women’s Tactical Pants Make Good Concealed Carry Pants? Should you get women’s tactical pants for concealed carry? You absolutely …

woobie blanket
Concealed Carry Fashion

What Is A Woobie Blanket?

What Is A Woobie Blanket? A woobie blanket is actually a poncho liner, issued by the US armed forces to personnel serving in wet weather …

women's concealed carry
Concealed Carry Fashion

What’s The Best Concealed Carry Purse?

What’s the best concealed carry purse? The truth is there isn’t one single best one; it’s more that there’s a best one for you.  But …

Tactical pen

How To Use A Tactical Pen

How Should I Carry A Tactical Pen? Some people carry a tactical pen for use not only as a pen, but also as a sort …

Situational awareness

6 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness

How To Develop Situational Awareness At some point, you might have heard about something called “situational awareness.” It isn’t a complicated concept, but it’s a …

concealed carry purse
Women's Concealed Carry

How To Conceal Carry In A Purse

The Best Way To Conceal Carry In A Purse Is Cross-Body If you’re wondering how to conceal carry in a purse instead of a traditional …

Drawing from belly band holster
Women's Concealed Carry

How To Wear A Belly Band Holster

Figuring out how to wear a belly band holster goes beyond just putting the holster on – you need to dress with it too! But …

concealed carry holsters for women
Women's Concealed Carry

The 3 Best Holsters For Women

The 3 Best Holsters For Women Gun holsters for women must-needs be a bit different than those for men, as women are of course different …

Gun secured in concealed carry purse
Women's Concealed Carry

5 Tips for Carrying with a Concealed Carry Purse

A concealed carry purse offer a distinctive advantage for women over men. When it comes to off-body carry, a purse is flexible and offers high …

concealed carry purse with holster
Women's Concealed Carry

3 Reasons to use a Purse Holster

Why would you use a purse holster? There are so many types of holster that work for daily carry, but are there any reasons you …

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