The Parachute Backpack

The Parachute Backpack

May 7, 2020 8:30:00 AM

The parachute backpack is a must-have for anyone who loves progress and adventure. This backpack is an all-purpose bag that you can take with you on hikes, camping trips, hunting trips, outdoor adventures, or vacation travel.

Parachute bags are aesthetic and functional, combining the rugged properties of a camping bag with the easy portability of an everyday carry bag. Small enough for everyday use, but just big enough to handle day trips.

So, what is a parachute backpack? In this article, we are going to cover the uses and defining properties of the parachute backpack.

What Is A Parachute Backpack?

Green parachute concealed carry backpack

A parachute backpack is a rather typical backpack, but with some design cues that bring an actual parachute pack – like what you’d skydive with – to mind for rather obvious reasons. There are a few different companies that make a product they call a parachute backpack, and while they are a little different there is something of a common thread.

All versions have a fast-opening top, allowing quick access to the main compartment. The top may either be a flap closing the main compartment, or a rain cover. Usually, a parachute backpack will have a faster release than the typical buckle, often enough a fast-opening clasp much like the release on the pack used to hold an actual parachute.

One feature it will definitely not have is the leg harness and for obvious reasons.

Why A Parachute Backpack?

A parachute backpack does have the interesting feature of the fast-opening top, which is definitely convenient, but it’s also a matter of style.

Parachute bags have a very military-inspired look to them, so they have something of a select appeal. A person will either naturally find it appealing or they might not, but that’s the beauty of having your own style. Not everything has to be for everyone.

Having fast access to the main compartment has it’s advantages, especially if you have to regularly reach into the bag to retrieve something. It’s ideal for students or working professionals who have to get out and put away a laptop with any frequency, as they can pop the cover and get out their Macbook, Surface or other laptop and just as easily stow and go, quickly latching the cover.

A cover is also a great feature if you happen to live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation. The Pacific Northwest, for instance, is infamous for its rainy season, which in some areas is basically September to July. That makes it a great bag for day hikes as well, since you can keep the top of the main compartment covered.

A parachute backpack is also great if you need a light bag that you want to securely close.

What Features Should A Parachute Backpack Have?

Green parachute backpack straps

If you wanted something like a parachute backpack, there are a few features that you’d definitely want it to have, as an EDC backpack or do-it-all light pack.

Besides the fast opening compartment and/or rain cover, the main compartment should offer generous storage but not to the point of making the bag bulky. A light pack needs to be able to hold some items, to be sure, but doesn’t need to have the same storage capacity as a bug out bag.

Since you don’t really need the kind of storage as a three-day or expedition pack would provide, some interior organization is a nice touch, along with some small exterior pockets for storing accessories securely is also a good feature.

Any good pack, including a parachute backpack, should have comfortable, adjustable straps with some padding so the bag can be carried comfortably for extended periods. If the backpack is going to be used for day hikes and so on, a good design feature to look for is an adjustable chest strap to help maintain good posture and taking a bit of weight off the shoulders, which helps you stay comfortable on a hike.

A good day pack should be lightweight, but made of durable material. It should have good zippers which aren’t necessarily heavy but that are durable.

Another good feature for a parachute backpack to have is the right look. After all, you aren’t going to use a backpack everyday if you don’t think it looks good!