Should I Get Women's Tactical Pants For Concealed Carry?
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Do Women's Tactical Pants Make Good Concealed Carry Pants?

Should you get women's tactical pants for concealed carry? You absolutely should if you want them!

Do you have to? Not really; you can conceal and carry just fine with any suitable pair of pants. A pair of tactical pants doesn't make that any more or less feasible.

However, a pair of women's tactical pants are a great buy if you want a great pair of pants that are tactical, practical and comfortable. In that case, women's tactical pants are definitely great for EDC purposes.

Women's Tactical Pants Are The Best Thing Ever...If They're What You Want

women's concealed carry pants

Women's tactical pants, just like men's tactical pants, are a great addition to your wardrobe if you like them.

And why wouldn't you?

A cotton-poly ripstop material, common for most tactical pants, is more breathable than denim and more durable than typical cotton slacks or easily-ripped stretch material like most leggings.

A typical feature is a stretch or adjustable waistband, making for a more comfortable fit and giving you the necessary room for a women's IWB holster if carrying inside the waistband.

Typically, they have wider-than-normal belt loops, which easily accommodates a thicker concealed carry belt. A lot of women's pants have belt loops that are mostly for decoration.

Speaking of things that are typically only for decoration, women's tactical pants will have pockets.

Actual pockets.

That are real.

That you can actually use.

Not only do you get real back and front pockets, you also get cargo pockets on the thigh, and sometimes exterior accessory pockets. In other words, you can use the pockets to actually store things in them like a phone, tactical pen or anything else that might fit in a pocket.

They're also useful on a day hike, and certainly are great for moms, especially for carrying small items like a slim package of wipes or tissues or anything else.

A great pair of women's tactical pants, as you can imagine, are ridiculously practical and - with a generous fit that most have - incredibly comfortable.

Women's Tactical Pants And The Fashion Police

We might as well address the elephant in the room when it comes to women's tactical pants, namely the fashion police.

Don't listen to them. Wear what you want, and live your truth. If that's women's camo pants and a two-piece top, that's what it is. You don't have to stick to convention all the time, or any time at all if you want to.

The truth is that women have been asked to accept less utility, and less comfort than men when it comes to clothing.

Now don't get it wrong. A great pair of heels and a sleek LBD makes you look AMAZING. And when you look good, you feel good.

But does that mean you shouldn't wear tactical pants if you want to? Of course not!

Except where dress pants are explicitly required, pants in solid colors will satisfy most business casual dress codes, so that isn't a worry. When you're out and about, being a bit more comfortable and having some more cargo space is just practical.

So tell the fashion police to go back to the station. There's no real reason you can't wear what you want, when you want.

Good Concealed Carry Pants Are Any Pants That You Can Use To Conceal And Carry

woman wearing camo pants outdoors

What actually makes good concealed carry pants are that they're comfortable and they allow you to conceal and carry. Everything else is secondary. 

Where women's tactical pants help in that regard is by giving you pants with a roomier fit on the waist and in the seat, allowing for use of an IWB holster without always having to buy a size or two larger...which is never what anyone wants to do!

However, another benefit is that tactical pants let you add additional accessories, such as a tactical flashlight or a spare magazine in a pocket, or even just a place for your keys.

So you don't HAVE to have women's tactical pants for concealed carry. But if you wanted to concealed carry and wear a pair of pants that are comfortable, presentable and practical...they're the best possible choice.