Tactica Defense Fashion is proud to offer a wide range of Concealed Carry Accessories to equip every woman with the power to protect. No matter where you are on your concealed carry journey, when it comes to properly preparing for an emergency situation, you need options. Tactica Defense Fashion gives you the options you need with high quality products that aid in self defense as well as safe, comfortable concealment.

For concealed carry that doesn’t disrupt your wardrobe, Tactica offers fashionable purses for concealed carry. A separate compartment for your firearm is equipped with a hook and loop fabric that will allow you to attach a hook and loop holster for safe and effective storage. Two ambidextrous zipper openings offer quick and secure access when you need it. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes!

For when you need more robust storage, we also offer concealed carry bags. From our Laptop Bag to our Nylon Duffel Bag, you can conveniently conceal in a variety of environments and meet the complex needs of your day. Each bag offers separate storage specifically for your firearm, providing the secure storage and quick access you need.

Going for an outdoor excursion? Need to pack heavy? We offer a variety of women's backpacks to meet your needs. Choose from five different types of backpacks, from our Day Trip Backpack or our Parachute Backpack, you can have peace of mind that your firearm is properly stored everywhere you go.

For those who can’t or don’t want to conceal a firearm, we also offer less than lethal self defense options. Choose from our Tactical Pen, or our Tactical Flashlight for easily concealable yet effective self defense options. For more concealed carry accessories we also offer the Tactica Poncho Liner, a light-weight, portable, all purpose blanket that will also keep you surprisingly warm!

Like all of our Tactica products, our concealed carry accessories are offered with a 10-day trial period and a 30-day warranty, so you can start trying them today, risk free!

Start dressing to protect today!