Concealed Carry Holster - IWB Holster

Our Concealed Carry Holster: Big Deal. Small Profile.

Shopping for a concealed carry holster can be frustrating when you have to choose between a hard, bulky shell that jams uncomfortably against your side all day, or a cloth holster that doesn’t protect the trigger guard on your firearm.

We know how important it is to own a reliable holster that safely retains your firearm but is also comfortable enough to practically carry around all day. Women deserve to own quality holsters that help them safely conceal a firearm in the wardrobe they love.

Masters Of Innovation: How Our IWB Holster Excels

Tactica has designed an inside the waistband concealed carry holster specifically for women’s bodies. This low-profile holster features a slim neoprene backing that’s reinforced with a patented spring steel core, comfortably conforming to your body and allowing your skin to breathe.

Our hybrid design pairs this comfortable backing with a custom-molded shell that’s been designed to fit the exact make and model of your gun, which ensures no extra bulk, perfect retention, and proper trigger guard protection.

Have Your Draw Your Way

Our IWB holster is one of the few designs on the market offering adjustable retention, as well as an adjustable cant angle so you can customize your draw. Our two-clip holster design adds an extra layer of security, and we’re proud to announce that our IWB Holster is the slimmest two-clip concealed carry holster on the market.

Empower Yourself

Don’t feel frustrated with your concealed carry holster; feel confident. Try our IWB today entirely risk-free. Offered with a lifetime warranty and 30-day trial period, if you don’t love your holster within the first thirty days, you can return it for a full refund. But our IWB Holster is so comfortable and concealable, we’re confident that you’ll never want to part ways with this baby.

Adjustable cant to find the perfect riding position

Dual holster clips for a stable connection

Custom-made to fit your handgun

Spring steel core for reinforcement

Adjustable retention to customize your draw


PATENT #9301595


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